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10-01-2004, 13:26
If there is anyone who plans to attend the ALDHA Gathering, and would like to watch the next Presidential debate and some playoff baseball, I will be looking for a place to watch both.

Instead of railing about which candidate (or baseball team) is better here on WB, if anyone is interested in actually watching the debate (or a game), regardless of your political stripes, let me know.

Hope to see some of y'all in West Virginia.

Jeffrey Hunter
Little Bear GA-ME 2000

Jack Tarlin
10-01-2004, 13:50

If you find a place with a TV, I'd be very interested, tho after last night, I gotta tell you, if it's a matter of one event or the other, the Sox game wins by a mile.

I know the Bent Resort, where quite a few of us will likely be staying, has a Pub, and presumably a TV, but I also know they have live music on Friday nights so hearing either the debate or the game there might be an issue.

I suspect there will be "common rooms" at Concord College where the debate will be on (say the Student Center, Student Union building, etc.) At most colleges, these aren't restricted areas. At Dartmouth, for example, there were several rooms open where anyone who wished to could watch the debate last night. Most colleges are the same in this regard.

Lastly, there's a terriffic Sports Pub in Pearisburg which would be a cool place to watch a ballgame, but it's a bit far from Athens or Pipestem. Maybe Warren or Bunbun would be willing to be the designated drivers and knock down a coupla Shirley temples with us. Gosh, whatta time!

Anyway, lemme know if you discover anything else. Other than a motel room TV, I don't gather that there are a lot of venues in Athens itself, so this might turn out to be more of a challenge than we think.

Lone Wolf
10-01-2004, 13:55
I'm pretty much a teetotaler these days so I can be the DD.

10-01-2004, 14:18
I don't drink either. Sounds like a good time in Pearisburg.

Spirit Walker
10-01-2004, 14:47
You would rather watch the debate than Weathercarrot's slideshow? I can't imagine. It will all be endlessly rehashed afterwards - I can certainly wait. It's not like it's going to change many minds.

Jack Tarlin
10-01-2004, 14:59
Weathercarrot's excellent show will no doubt become an annual event; one will have ample chances to enjoy it.

The Red Sox thumping the livin' bejazus outta the Yankees to get into the World Series happens with significantly less frequency.

For those of us who were born in Boston, this is not a decision we expect to lose much sleep over.

Lone Wolf
10-01-2004, 15:02
Seen one slide show, you've seen em all.

10-01-2004, 15:28
You would rather watch the debate than Weathercarrot's slideshow?

Yes - clearly. No disrespect meant to Weathercarrot.

I'm sure he gives a fine program, but unlike the debate, the results of Weathercarrot's slideshow will have no impact on the safety of me and my family.

10-01-2004, 15:56
For those of us who were born in Boston, this is not a decision we expect to lose much sleep over.

I was not born in Bean-town, but only an hour away.

In any case, still having nightmares from last year. We were in a local bar. 3 of us from New England. 3 from New York. A few other friends.

I was must admit I became cocky. FINALLY the Sox were going to get in the World Series. They were going to squish the fish! (OK..another slogan from another dissapointing year in New England sports).

Well we all know what happened with Pedro.

My New York friends did a chorus line of New York, New York. So cruel..so curel.

Then there is Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Still traumatized over the one....

10-01-2004, 16:10
IWell we all know what happened with Pedro.

Did you see game #1 of the recent Sox - Yanks series from Fenway? It seems like Terry Francona learned nothing from Grady Little's mistake last year in game #7 of the ALCS. Francona left Pedro in a bit too long, and the Yanks won again in stunningly familiar fashion. The next day, the headline in the NY Times sports pages read - Yanks Celebrate Groundhog Day at Fenway. I have complete faith the Yanks will beat Pedro every time. Schilling worries me.

Anyway, the Yanks & Red Sox will not be facing off next Friday. It will be the Red Sox vs either the A's, Angels or Twins, and the Yanks playing the team that the Sox don't play. Two teams from the same division can't face each other in Divison play. IMO, a dumb rule. The team with the best record in each league, should face the playoff team with the worst record. That's the way football does it. Clearly, that makes too much sense for Bud Selig.

Jack Tarlin
10-01-2004, 16:47
Of course, you're 100% right, I got ahead of myself there. I'm kinda hoping it's the A's as I think we were something like 8-1 on 'em during the regular season; plus the Angels have some fairly scary folks in the line-up. Opening up a big-time can 'o whup-ass on the Yankees will simply haveta wait for a bit.

In point of fact, it's St. Louis that scares the hell outta me, but we'll hike that section when we come to it.

Note to Mowgli who says that Schilling worries him. Good! Be afraid. be very afraid.

10-01-2004, 17:03
Be afraid of St. Louis all you wish.

This is lucky 13 for the Braves. We're going to the big dance.


I have a TV that works off of a cigarette lighter. I don't anticipate going to the gathering, but I'll loan it to someone who will. I plan to drink and jump off bridges in Smyrna.

Jack Tarlin
10-01-2004, 17:54
O.B. says he plans to "drink and jump off bridges in Smyrna...."

Please let us know if you require any assistance in this endeavor.
I'll even provide the cinder blocks.

10-01-2004, 18:11
This is lucky 13 for the Braves. We're going to the big dance.

You HAVE been drinking, haven't you?

I plan to drink and jump off bridges in Smyrna.

Sounds like the best of both worlds to me. :D

10-01-2004, 19:17
Then there is Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Still traumatized over the one....For me it's 1975, and Larry Barnett's phantom call on Fiske for interfering with Armbrister. And it sucks that I remember that. Sucks even more that I remember Ben Dreith's name.

10-01-2004, 20:14
I wasn't a Red Sox fan, but I remember that from rounding during med school. It totally interrupted whatever it was we were doing.


10-01-2004, 20:27
O.B. says he plans to "drink and jump off bridges in Smyrna...."

Please let us know if you require any assistance in this endeavor.
I'll even provide the cinder blocks.Thanks for the good wishes.

Of course, if you've been to our fair city, cinder blocks wouldn't provide much of a risk in our streams or the Chattahochee (at least after the floods have passed).


BTW, the reason suicide is illegal is that it often endangers others. For instance the suicidal driver heading for a truck or the bridge jumper who stops traffice for hours while others attempt to rescue him. The legal hassle serves to help assure there is continuing treatment after the committment to involuntary or voluntary hospitalization.

10-01-2004, 20:50
Be afraid of St. Louis all you wish.

This is lucky 13 for the Braves. We're going to the big dance.


I have a TV that works off of a cigarette lighter. I don't anticipate going to the gathering, but I'll loan it to someone who will. I plan to drink and jump off bridges in Smyrna.
Bridges in Smyrna? Chattahoochee flow through there?

10-01-2004, 21:34
...here's a nice story.

October 1, 2004
Youngsters Find and Return Lost Yankees Playoff Tickets

Filed at 3:15 p.m. ET

SUMMIT, N.J. (AP) -- Talk about temptation: $20,000 worth of box seat tickets for New York Yankees playoff games, just lying there on the street. Nine youngsters who came across the tickets turned them in.

``I am absolutely amazed by their honesty,'' said Fran Durst, a spokeswoman for Wachovia Bank, which owned the tickets. ``What a temptation, just to take these tickets and go to the game. But they did the right thing.''

Only four of 70 tickets in a package worth $20,000 that apparently fell off a delivery truck Monday are still missing, she said Friday.

Since the tickets -- some worth $2,600 each -- are for bank customers, the bank will treat the boys and their parents to a New Jersey Nets game Dec. 10 against New Orleans from its luxury box at the Continental Airlines Arena, Durst said.

Also among the rewards: the Yankees gave the boys tickets to Thursday night's dramatic 6-4 win over the Minnesota Twins that captured the American League East title.

``Bottom of the ninth, two-run shot to clinch the division, not a bad game,'' Detective Lt. Robert Weck said.

The boys were honored before the game at Summit City Hall. ``We do have a lot of good kids out there, and that's why their actions should be commended,'' Weck said.

It started Monday afternoon, when seventh-graders Corey Platt and Chris Osmun, both 12, found some of the tickets as they walked home after school. They flagged down an officer.

Seven other boys found most of the other tickets down the street, told their parents and decided to turn them in, Weck said. Other tickets trickled in.

Corey's mother, Elizabeth Platt, said Friday she was proud of her son.

``I was very happy that they were rewarded, but I'm a little nervous ... that the next time he does something right and doesn't get this reaction, he might not do the right thing the third time,'' she said.

Word of the boys' actions reached Yankee principal owner George Steinbrenner.

``It's a real tribute to their honesty and total integrity,'' Steinbrenner said in a statement.

The boys will also be sent bags of Yankee memorabilia, Steinbrenner spokesman Howard Rubenstein said.

10-01-2004, 22:09
Seen one slide show, you've seen em all.Sad but close to true. At the SORUCK last year, there were more slideshows and powerpoint presentations than you could throw a trekking pole at.

They were all good, but the excitement fades after a certain number of them. Jan/Liteshoe's was probably my favorite, but for most of them I was by the fireplace talking to Welsh Nomad, Orange Bug, Shelly Hale or one of the other great folks I met that weekend.

That was, BTW, the best gathering of any sort that I've ever attended, bar none, even though I had a silly migraine a great deal of the weekend. Hot Dog said there were more thrus there than at The Gathering.

The only change needed for next year: a lot more coffee filters!

10-01-2004, 22:14
For me it's 1975, and...We long-time Braves fans wish it were '95 every year!

10-02-2004, 11:09
There's a sports bar in Princeton called the Fireplace, 20-25 minutes. It would be much closer than Pearisburg.

Spirit Walker
10-04-2004, 10:18
Seen one slide show, you've seen em all.
I'm the opposite - I love slide shows especially of anyplace I've been or hope to visit someday. They provide inspiration for future hikes and good memories of past hikes. They show beauty and, ideally, a glimpse of trail reality. I'm not sure I would have been so driven to go hike the CDT without Walkin' Jim's slideshows. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going on the PCT was the memory of the beautiful places that I knew were ahead, from seeing other people's slides. Whenever I see an AT, CDT or PCT slideshow, I reconnect with that hike and remember the happiness of that trail.

WC's slideshow/DVD is mostly a people video - not so much the trail, though that's there too -- but more all the people he has met in his many years hiking and working on and along the trail. Watching it is fun for those of us who have been around for a while because of seeing so many familiar faces, and watching the changes in WC over the past 13 years. When we saw it we kept saying, "Isn't that . . ." "I know him . . . "
I know some of you are in there too.

Lone Wolf
10-04-2004, 10:59
I'm kinda planning to go to the Gathering so I'll watch WC's slide show and reserve judgement till after.

warren doyle
10-07-2004, 12:33
There is a wide screen TV in the college student center lounge.

Also, the Concord Film Society is showing 'Farenheit 9/11' at 3:30pm on Thursday and Friday and also at 6pm on Friday in Rm. 237 of the Administration building. They said hikers are welcome to attend. It is free.

Safe travels to Pipestem.

10-07-2004, 13:30
GO RED SOX i live in massachusetts and have always been a big fan ithink we really have a shot this year

Lion King
10-07-2004, 19:42
I couldnt get a hold of anyone to show it, but I sent one with FAT CHAP--Gary from Hikers Welcome Hostel in Glencliff, and also one was mailed off to Roan from ALDHA west...so maybe there will be a place where folks can watch it.

I have gotten really good words on the peice thus far. I should be complete with it by the end of the month.

What will be there is a rough edit, although pretty much complete.

So, if anyone is interested, there ya go.

Lone Wolf
10-10-2004, 18:10
Referring to post #7, Slide shows are NOT all the same. Weathercarrot's DVD is much different than most. It's a compilation of photos of his 13 or so years on the trail as a hiker and maintainer. It's presented in 3 parts; the actual hiking of the trail, people of the trail and the maintaining of the trail. All accompanied by a great soundtrack. You've done well WC, keep up the good work.