View Full Version : Cooking in a vestibule and potential bear issues?

10-01-2004, 21:46
I've cooked in my old tent with never having problems with bears, yet I've been hearing from a good friend w/ a lot more outdoor experience than I, that I'm asking for a real up close viewing opportunity with bears:) . I DO use a bear bag in the Whites and the Berkshires, but will the smells from my cooking in the tent pose a problem? Where else to cook when it's pourin' out?

10-01-2004, 22:16
I like to cook at a shelter and walk an hour further before setting up camp. I know folks who had their packs stolen by a bear in the Smokies, long before they had a chance to cook.


Pencil Pusher
10-02-2004, 00:17
If you read the PCT journal by Chris on his website, he would make dinner then hike a couple more hours and set up camp to avoid this problem. I sure hadn't thought of it, but it does make sense and seems reasonable. I don't think he mentioned ever having a problem with the bears.

10-02-2004, 09:29
I depends where you hike. The areas you mention really don't have big bear populations. Even northern New Jersey has a bigger problem. If you are in an area of low natural food or large bear population or worse yet human habituated bears you could have a problem.
I don't cook near my tent. I hang my food & "smellables" even if there are no bear reports. I carry a small sheet of coated ripstop that serves as both a rain kilt and ad hoc dining fly. I too have cooked in my tent in the White Mountians, I was young and foolish, I don't do it any more.