View Full Version : Kelty Quartz 1 - 4 season Solo

10-02-2004, 10:01
Has anybody used the Kelty Quartz series tents?

I am thinking about a trip where the is a good chance of snow fall. I am looking at adding a few pounds to go with a 4 season tent. My regular tent is an REI Roadster which has weathered quite a few storms and a even a week of daily rain. It is not free standing so it would be hard to set up in a shelter. With only a single hoop it would not handle a snow load.

The quartz 1 run has a pack weight of about 6 pounds, which sounds like a lot compared to a tarp and bivy. I have not winter camped in years. Snow and cold scare me a bit. 3 pound of protection might be worth it. This is not for a thru-hike, just a nice long section.

Your thoughts please.