View Full Version : Sorry about the mistake

10-02-2004, 23:42
I want to apologize for the mistake I made. I did some mods to the site recently that allowed access for some non 2005 thru-hikers to have access to this forum which is only suppose to be for all the 2005 thru-hikers in planning. There were only a couple of non 2005 thru-hikers that posted and I will leave those post up.

One quick note. If any of you have noticed I fixed it so that when ever a 2005 thru-hiker post that their name is in red. This will help you identify a 2005 thru-hiker when they post in the outside forums.

10-04-2004, 17:59
just wanted you to know you're doing a great job on this site , before i found this site i was thinking maybe the A.T. wasn't the place i left 30 years ago, thanks i sign on almost daily and just look around