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10-03-2004, 18:36
Nothing all that exciting but just curious if anyone knows what this structure was I saw because I couldn't find anything about it? Well starting off at the Rangers Station I got on the William Hoeferlien trail towards the A.T. and then made a left onto the A.T. which I think would be heading south. Once I was on the A.T. I walked close to a mile give or take and I saw this structure to my left with fencing all around it. It looked to have had an all rock type foundation(mortar in the joints) and a large concrete slab maybe 8'-10'wide to maybe 15'-20' long that looked to be the front porch or something then there was a drop to what looked to be the basement. The biggest attention grabber was the large fireplaces(looked to have one in the basement) with a brick chimney still standing. Just figured I would ask too see if anyone on here seen this structure just off the A.T. at Wawayanda state park in NJ or if anyone knows anything about it? Thanks, Chris

10-03-2004, 22:27
There is a large iron furnace near the campground that is all fenced in. It is not on the AT though. I can't recall a structure resembling what you are describing. A call to the Rangers Office should clear it up. If you wouldn't mind inquiring, and posting their reply here, I would be grateful.

10-04-2004, 10:55
I saw it as I walked NOBO through this section in late June, but assumed that it was the remains of an old homestead. It's always neat to find out the history of old ruins like this.

11-11-2004, 01:34
Heres an update. I picked up a great book on my towns history and inside it talks just about everything and there is supposivlly a couple of foundations near the A.T. in this area part of what was once known as the Pullis' Corners where there was a little hotel for some of the miners some other little things and then what they said was right on the trail just about was the Pulis school. It was in existence since 1851 until 1882 when it was shut down and the children had to be enrolled into the Wawayanda school which was shut down not too long after that because the mines were shut down and the mining villages around the area basically were abandoned also. There is also a creepy story about a house that is up the iron mt. trail which is the trail the A.T. crosses that has the ruins of what I think was the Pulis school about a house that had a murder in it in the 1920's and then again in the 1950's which left a stain on the floor and the houses from then on was left abaonded because no one wanted to buy it and kids started to explore it at night to see this stain on the floor so they took the house down and all that stands today are two large stone pillars marking the driveway. The other creepy part about this is I didn't know this until after I was walking around in the woods looking at the foundation pillars because I thought the stone driveway pillars marked were the mines might have been around. Well just thought I would share this info to those who ever see this foundation that is just off to your right if going NOBO and to your left if going SOBO on a little stretch of an old wagon road in Wawaynda called Iron Mt. trail.

11-11-2004, 12:08
I love the old history on these sites. Thanks for sharing!