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03-13-2010, 19:22
i'm planning to buy the ULA circuit for my pct thru hike. they recommend that torso length 18-20 inches go with the medium pack, and 21 inches + go with the large. just measured my torso (following their guidelines), and its 20.5 inches. which size do y'all think i should go with? is it better to have a pack that's a bit too long or a bit too short? thanks for any thoughts in advance!

03-13-2010, 19:35
I'd go medium. My wife had 17.5" so we got her the medium and it was a little too big. Had to buy her a small.

03-13-2010, 20:16
I had the exact same problem (I'm around 20"). On Brian Frankle's suggestion, I ordered a large first, but it was way too long, and with it full, I couldn't tilt my head back all the way. Go with the medium.

Rocket Jones
03-13-2010, 20:47
Wherever you get it from, make sure you can return it for the other size. I was in the same situation with my pack (not ULA) and had to return the medium for a large.

03-13-2010, 23:12
thanks for the advice - they have a good return policy, so i'll go with the medium, load it up, and walk around the neighborhood, and if it doesn't work i can return it. thanks again!

03-14-2010, 18:51
A few things about pack fitting:

1. You can not measure your own torso accurately, people might say you can and those people are wrong 98% of the time (kinda like cutting your own hair)
2. Very few (I mean very few) adult men have a torso length that exceeds 19.5 inches (you think you do?, you are probably wrong)
3. The reason why people measure their torso, then order a pack, then find the pack to be too big, is simply because they measured their torso wrong.
4. I've never seen or heard about someone measuring their torso correctly, never, in 10 years of packfitting and a few thousand fits. I've often see this be the case even when measured in a shop, buyer beware!
5. Most torso estimations by people who don't fit professionally are off by about 2-3 inches on average, and always too long, not too short.

Food for thought

03-14-2010, 20:49
Order both and return one.