View Full Version : Viewing sites for Leonids

11-03-2002, 14:41
Can people suggest some good sites along the AT from which to view the Leonid meteor shower on November 19, around 5:30 am. Eastern views are most appropriate to avoid moonlight (the moon will be setting in the west at the time). The Kidd Gore shelter in Vermont has a great eastern view. What else? Who's going to be out watching?

11-18-2002, 22:56
Well, since it's a work night, I'll be viewing the meteors from just outside my house. I'd rather be at Kidd Gore or Riga lean-to, but sleeping out on the deck isn't too bad. I'll let you know tomorrow how the viewing was.

11-18-2002, 23:11
yeah unforutnately i can bathe under the reflected glow on NYC tonight as i strugle to catch a glimps of probably one of the most spectacular meteor showers untill 2098 or so, i suggest you all try to get out there somtime tonight or tomorow morning. its gona be beautiful, especialy if your away from the city lights. (my mother had an oportunity a few years ago to watch the show from atop pikes peak in Colorado, now that im sure is a sight to see.) you can also "listen" to the shower if you turn your radio below 91.1 MHz to a station that is just fuzz in your area, as the meteor travles through the atmosphere it will creat a trail of ionized gas which acts like an antena so you will be able to pick up FM radio waves from beyond line of sight. the sound will fade sharply then gradualy diminish. the same thing can happen with your television if you use rabit ears (does anyone anymore?) if you turn to a chanel between two and six with no picture you should both hear interference and possibly see some slight pictures apear on screen. well happy hunting, and dont forget tomorow night is a penumbral lunar eclips as well, not as spectacular as a full one but it should be fun none the less!

11-19-2002, 09:42
I saw 19 meteors this morning between 4 and 5:30 am. It wasn't real dark because of the moon, and I was about 18 miles west of Boston, so some light pollution. But still worthwhile. A few long spectacular streaks. Last year's Leonid event was far more spectacular. I watched that from an east-facing beach on Cape Cod.