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03-18-2010, 10:00
TIGGER'S Tree House in ETNA NH. (603) 643-9213. Not a party place but we will take good care of you. CALL BEFORE!!! Maybe from VT or Maine, Give us an estamated date of arrival,,,,, maybe a three day window..
This is our home. We MAY NOT BE HOME IF YOU CALL THE MINUTE YOU NEED ME TO PICK YOU UP!!! but you are welcome to try for pot luck.
Dogs welcome!!
KAren and Ralph!! AKA Tigger.:sun:welcome:banana

03-18-2010, 14:40
Stayed there in '07. Great place. Hope to see you again this summer.

12-05-2012, 18:38
Tigger picked us up off the road, invited us to her house for showers, laundry and breakfast. We werent even gonna go at first but hey it sounded nice. Super cool lady. We left a Pooh bear stuffed animal in the RV it looks like a bumblebee. Dont ask why we carried a Pooh bear down the trail, but i think it added to the motiff. Thanks Tigger for the awesome trail magic.