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10-06-2004, 13:54
Greetings friends and family.
Unfortunatley I have not been able to attend any of the recent hiker events or will I be able to make the Gathering. Life as a professional keeps me busy. I would like to remind some of you out there that our annual Trashgiving is a go again this year in Hanover, NH. Taking place the immediate weekend after Thanksgiving, there will be an Italian Dinner on Friday night and our traditional turkey feast on Saturday as well as a hike somewhere on the AT. Either Baltimore Jack or I will post additional information as the date cames nearer. I miss all of you dearly and hope to see you soon.

Jack Tarlin
10-06-2004, 14:21
Good to see Blister back here.

For those of you who might be interested, "Trashgiving" is an annual fall event that a bunch of us have been involved with for the past few years.
Essentially, it's another Thanksgiving, aimed especially for folks who either couldn't make it home to their families for the "real" holiday, or perhaps they did, and subsequently need a second holiday to recover from the first one!

This year again, we'll be celebrating in Hanover, and anyone who wishes to is welcome; somehow, we always find a place to put people up, and hardier souls are welcome to go with beautiful creekside camping that runs right by the main house.

Trashgiving runs from Friday afternoon til whenever the last person departs on Sunday. Anyone is welcome to join us, for as much of the weekend as they can stand.

As at many hiker festive events, a certain ammount of decorum is expected;
we ask little of our guests, but what we ask should be remembered:

1. No drum circles

2. No contra dancing

3. The two hours before dawn are generally deemed "quiet hours"

4. Southbounders and other questionable inviduals must pre-register

5. Even if you just got off the Trail, the rabbits and cats you may see on
the property are NOT to be eaten

6. Tho we are delighted to offer hospitality and welcome to vegetarians,
vegans, and other dietary freaks, we don't kowtow to 'em either. And if
you're on a "low carb" diet, you might wanna brown bag it. On the other
hand, if you're happy with where our species finds itself on the food
chain, the meals may please you. Blister roasts a mean turkey, and over
the years, my lasagna has yet to kill anyone. Our breakfasts have been
roundly condemned by the American Heart Association.

7 Anyone with an aversion to Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Roy Orbison,
Pink Floyd, U2, Emmylou Harris and Shania Twain should probably make
other plans

8. Most behavior not expressly forbidden is considered mandatory. Anyone
is welcome thru our door.....what you leave outside it is attitude, moral
posturing, Puritanism, prohibitionism, and all your other troubles.

Hope to see some of you there!!

10-06-2004, 15:08
Jack left out one of the most enjoyable events at Trashgiving... Tarlin Toss!

The rules of this are simple - get Jack to fall asleep on his back. Make a square out of duct tape on his chest. Then, stand a few feet back and toss bottle caps at the square. 3 points for completly in the square, 2 points for in the square and on the tape, and 1 point for any part of the cap touching the tape. Play to 21 or over. Old people are fun.


... and since I feel a little bad posting that photo for everyone to see (I don't know why, I posted it last year, afterall..) I offer you this version of Jack as well:


Jack Tarlin
10-06-2004, 16:05
Ahhhh, Chomp.

There are any number of good reasons why I consider you a dear friend who is always welcome at my home.

Damned if I can think of any of them at the moment!

See you in November if the wife lets you outta the house.

Oh. Feel free to leave the camera at home this time......

10-06-2004, 16:42
Hi to all ,
i will be more than glad to attend trashgiving. It should be fun to see all of you.
I am pretty busy with school right now, looking forward to do some laughin and eatin!

As for " the wife" letting chomp go... Is chomp hiding an engagment ring in the turkey!
Now,that's trashy.


Jack Tarlin
10-06-2004, 19:26
VSA, dear girl...... if you think hiding a ring in the turkey is trashy, then you should have seen what he used to hide in the turkey before he was fortunate enough to have met you.

Or maybe then again, you're better off not knowing.

Warmest regards to your lesser half.

10-17-2004, 12:11
Hi Blister,

I am soooo there!! Will be flying solo this year (phew) and will bring down some Franco-American delicacies. Anxious to see the "profesionnal" Blister-I have only seen the 'hiker trash" version-LOL. See ya soon and stay out of the hot sun.

Jack Tarlin
10-20-2004, 01:54
Geez, Ray.....what the Hell is is a "Franco-American" delicacy, eh?? Sounds like something John and Teresa Kerry would serve at a Back Bay cookout. Baked Brie on a stick? Poodle flambee? Not exactly my kinda tailgate party.

Please be informed that while YOU are most welcome, our menu is decidely un-French. Or to rephrase......we're actually thinking of serving a few things with backbones in 'em.

Including a robust Burgundy. That much our Gallic friends do right.

10-20-2004, 08:43
Please be informed that while YOU are most welcome, our menu is decidely un-French.
Oh sure... you invite Ray but not VSA?

Jack Tarlin
10-20-2004, 11:34
Of course VSA is welcome, Chomp. Even if she IS French.

Merely an accident of birth which we won't hold against her.

Now, YOU on the other hand.............

10-20-2004, 15:57
Now Jack, take a deep breath - - - now let it out. Franco-American up this way means Canadian French or Quebecois. How short is your memory-welcome to my world of senior moments. If food items such as "tourtiere" (meat pie that I brought down last year) salmon pie or "creton" (a pork spread that goes well on bread or crackers) offend you, then I will keep a sharp eye out for an appropriate "road kill" to throw into the communal pot as I travel Route 2 in New hampshire down to your place. Say good night Gracie. Love ya brother.

Jack Tarlin
10-20-2004, 16:31
Actually, that meat pie was pretty damned tasty!

Canadians are welcome in Hanover any old time, and Mainers even more so!

See you in six weeks!

10-20-2004, 18:43
Hey Blister -

So there has been some conversation going about exactly WHEN Trashgiving is going to occur this year. Jack has said that it is going to be the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving (December 3 and 4), while I was assuming that things were starting up on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend (November 26-27). So which one is it? I'll be there either way, but I would vote for keeping it the Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, however I know that weekend is tough for some people. Hopefully this will clear things up and not make them more confusing.


Jack Tarlin
10-20-2004, 19:00

I'm still in Tenessee and won't be home til Saturday morning; will talk to Blister then and get back to you, but we've been leaning towards the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving (i.e the first weekend in December) as we thought attendance would be better, would give folks more time with families, etc. Many of us are single or fairly distant from our families, but some of us aren't, and we kinda thought waiting til the next weekend would make it easier for folks, especially the PA/Ohio contingent, etc. who were planing to see their families over the holiday.

Will keep you informed.....

10-21-2004, 16:48
I also vote for the traditional weekend but then again, I am just up the rud. You might check with the distance folks first to see if it makes a difference to them.

Sleepy the Arab
10-21-2004, 18:42
Franco-American up this way means Canadian French or Quebecois. How short is your memory-welcome to my world of senior moments. If food items such as "tourtiere" (meat pie that I brought down last year) salmon pie or "creton" (a pork spread that goes well on bread or crackers) offend you, then I will keep a sharp eye out for an appropriate "road kill" to throw into the communal pot as I travel Route 2 in New hampshire down to your place. Say good night Gracie. Love ya brother.

And here I was hoping for Beefaroni.

Jack Tarlin
10-23-2004, 12:21
Just got back from the Southern adventure.....good things: The Gathering; seing lots of old friends; spending some quality time with Bob Peoples at Kincora and with Miss Janet in Erwin; some great hiking in the Roan Highlands with Mountain Dew; seeing the Sox beat New York in a fun sports bar in Johnson City while surrounded by horrified and weepy Yankee fans.

Not so good things: Coulda done without some of the drama at the Gathering; coulda used better weather and more time in the woods in North Carolina; the 25 hour Greyhound adventure was a real joy, especially the layover in Port Authority terminal in NYC, parts of which would make Dante stay awake at nights.

Back in Hanover in time for the first game of the Series, but more to the point: I've consulted my friend and neighbor Blister Sister, who feels that the weekend just after Thanksgiving (i.e. Friday thru Sunday 26-28 November) is more suitable that the following weekend, so the dates are now set. Hopefully, this'll give folks sufficient time with their families ( I know that three hours is sufficient for some of you), and will also provide a nice alternative weekend for those of us who find that Grand Forks, North Dakota is too far to go for a turkey.

In any case, then, Trashgiving weekend 2004 will now be in FIVE weeks, not six; hope to see many of you here for some or all of the weekend's festivities. Will provide more details as it gets closer to the event, directions, etc. For those of you far away who might be interested in joining us, be aware that some folks will be driving from Pennsylvania and Delaware; if you can get that far, we can arrange rides for you to New England and back.

Rules and regulations for the event are posted above, for those of you who need to be reminded about such atrocities as contra dances and drum circles. Likewise, so as not to interefere with anyone's digestion, there will be NO leftist poetry reading whatsoever; violators will find themselves chained in the rabbit hutch for the weekend's duration. Also, anyone who wishes to inspect the grounds afterwards for evidence of wrong-doing, un-American activity, or other nastiness is of course welcome to do so (we have nothing to hide), provided they first identify themselves, whatever organization they're representing, and that they promise to provide an informative, detailed, and accurate account of their discoveries to Whiteblaze within 48 hours of their inspection. Likewise, while guests are welcome to arrive in personal vehicles, slackpacking in to the weekend, or arriving in a support van is generally frowned on. After all, we must have SOME standards; this is, after all, a weekend for backpackers. But other than these narrow and necessary parameters, all are welcome, even the odd Southbounder or two.

All for now; back to the library, and then on to Five Olde for Game One.

Oh. One good thing about Port Authority bus terminal-----lots of REALLY unhappy people in various Yankees paraphanalia walking around with dazed, sullen expressions of shock and horror. Imagine scores of folks all looking like they'd just seen their puppy get sucked under a steamroller. Or make that four steamrollers, one after another.

A great day to be a Bostonian.

10-29-2004, 03:56
When did everyone decide this was. Was it on 04 December?

10-29-2004, 08:12
When did everyone decide this was. Was it on 04 December?
Nope, Trashgiving will be Friday thru Sunday 26-28 November - in otherwords starting the day after Thanksgiving.

Jack Tarlin
10-29-2004, 15:21
Chomp is correct about the dates. Anyone with any questions about the event or anyone who might need driving directions should contact me in a week or two at [email protected] Also, anyone who thinks they might be arriving for any or all of the weekend might also want to let us know at some point before Thanksgiving, so we can get an idea of how many we're cooking for, etc.

11-07-2004, 17:19
Was hoping that the new dates for Trashgiving would hold -- sadly I am a manager at a retail store and Thanksgiving weekend is never good for me. The first weekend in December seemed like a great idea, and in fact I took the weekend off, which means, you guessed it, that there is now no way for me to take the weekend before that off. Have a great time and have a drink for me -- I'll be at work, dealing with morons.

11-07-2004, 18:11
you mean that we might not see any costumes!
that should be enough ground to revise the decision!

I thought it was a pretty good idea get together in ealry december. i am pretty sure "black friday" will stop a few friends from showing up.

Sorry we might miss you Jester, it would have been great to see you.


11-07-2004, 18:14
baseball, miterms ( all A's !) and the elections...

I am ready to relax with hiker friends!

11-10-2004, 23:51
Hey guys and gals, Blister here........
Havn't talked to Jack lateley, just to let you all know. I believe this is gonna be the last Trashgiving I can host. My door is open. The third annual and last. Anyone who would like to take the :welcome on for themselves I might help out. Otherwise this will be the last Blister viewing for awhile.

Jack Tarlin
11-19-2004, 17:19
Quick reminder to folks that the holiday is now less than a week away. Hope to see many of you here in Hanover for any or all of it. Some folks will be arriving on Friday (we'll be having dinner around 6 or 7); most folks will be getting here on Saturday. Depending on the weather, some people may go for a hike, others will just hang out. Dinner will be around 6 or so.

We have absolutely no idea how many folks plan on dropping by, but be aware that anyone is welcome. If you think you might be planning to visit, please let us know, either here at Whiteblaze or by writing me at BaltimoreJack at hotmail dot com. This will help give us a rough idea of numbers, whether we need a second turkey, etc. Also write if you need directions to the house or the phone number.

Have a great week, and hope to see some of you here. For those with other plans, or those too far away, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and hope to see you somewhere down the line.

11-19-2004, 17:23
Have a great week, and hope to see some of you here. For those with other plans, or those too far away, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and hope to see you somewhere down the line.==========================================
Thanks for the invite man. Won't be able to make it this year but will be there in spirit (not saying which spirit ...could be Jim Beam ...could be Jack Daniels).

We certainly have a great deal for which to be thankful.

All the best my friend and tell the gang that old Footslogger says HEY !!


Mountain Dew
11-20-2004, 03:37
After lengthy talks and many complaints THE Mairnttt Boys of Dryland have decided to protest the annual trashgiving festivity's. Though we are but a small suburb to the ever growing town called Billville we find that the stealing of many of our women folk uncalled for. By Trail Days '03 we had a flock of women hikers that could have filled up all but the biggest of shelters. One by one Billville members have stolen and enticed these women away. Constant efforts to steal the remaining female members have left us no choice but to protest. Upon meeting with the Billville Mayor , Jester, at the Gathering we have determined that VSA was awarded to Chomp and Billville due to claims that they laid eyes on her several years prior to her being a Mairnttt Boy.

Upon quiet time (5-8am) at trashgiving we will start our drum circle around a huge fire all the while contra dancing and singing songs in french. Although we considered letting a few southbounders join in we all agreed that was a bit ridiculous; however, any south bounder who wishes may stay busy bringing more wood to the fire and passing out beers to all who are in need.

Mountain Dew ( Mayor of Dryland ) :banana

Jack Lincoln
11-20-2004, 03:44
Man! You are one ignorant mother...

Mountain Dew
11-20-2004, 04:29
Hilarious. Jerkoff Lincoln, you are such an easy mark that I wonder if you aren't really a fake screen name made up by another member of WB in an attempt to hide. Such stupidity should be put on display with an actual name on it my friend. I'll start this by quoting you... Jack "Hypocrite" Lincoln, "Man! You are one ignorant mother-focker..." o.k. well that wasn't very nice of you to say to an upstanding hiker such as myself now was it. :-? I previous post was made as a JOKE and those it was directed towards will obviously know this fact. Oh wait..I feel like qouting you again... Jack "Hypocrite" Lincoln, "Your use of, what many of us would regard as gutter language, has me fuming, as I am sure you would realize should you ever decide to proofread a post now and again." bwa hahahaaa Ok let me get this straight. You proceed to drop the F-word on me, but had the nerve to tell Baltimore Jack in a previous thread that such language has no room on WB ... ? bwahahaaa HYPOCRITE !

For all those that don't know much about our very own Jerkoff Lincoln here I'll give you the cliff notes on his hatred for me. A few months ago he verbally repremanded Baltimore Jack for using a basic curse word I believe while in about half of his posts he had used vulgar language that a sailor would be very proud of. HYPOCRITE. I then quoted his profanity on the same thread ( Drunk and disorderly is Dumb) where he lashed out at Baltimore Jack for cursing and I'm sure all of WB got a good laugh out of it. Jerkoff Lincoln then told me that every single profanity laced phrase he used is in the Bible thus making it o.k. I got many private messages telling me "way to go" and "that was so hilarious". You see people...Jerkoff Lincoln just can't help his HYPOCRISY with foul language. All be it to our enjoyment though. By all means Jerkoff Lincoln...... CARRY ON. :banana

11-21-2004, 18:46
Hi Dew,

1. Anyone that would allude that the attractive VSA be labeled with the term Mairntt Boy, operative word being BOY, should maybe consider taking up drinking. LOL

2. I think that you can put Mr. Lincoln into your "gotcha" file.

Have a good one.

Miss Janet
11-21-2004, 19:37
Alas, the distance and the timing as well as a few other things like LIFE will keep me way down here in Tennessee again this year. I will think about you all up there having a good time... well, I will try NOT to think about a FEW of your favorite ways to pass time... you guys just aren't right! I love you anyway!! I thought you might enjoy my favorite sick Thanksgiving cartoons....

Mountain Dew
11-22-2004, 23:30
WalkinHome... You never fail in making me laugh. o.k. o.k. maybe I should have labeled VSA a Mairnttt "Girl", but I just didn't want to give in to being PC. It sucks just like the person who hides behind the fake name of Jack Lincoln does. HAIRNTTTTTTTTTT ! :sun

11-26-2004, 01:42
Just noticing that both walking home and Dew have the same body types yet hold different weapons with their little hiking men. Any ways Its Thanksgiving night, I'm working until 2 am - official start of trashgiving and their is so much to doooooo. Shopping, cleaning and just getting ready. Hope all in Erwin goes well - I'm sure there will be some comunication at some point during the weekend. Other than that, the grocery list is huge!!!!!!! Hope all had a safe holiday and I look forward to the first arrivals later today. Peace Out

11-26-2004, 20:01
Has anyone heard any reports from Trashgiving? Hopefully, Baltimore Jack will post on Sunday or Monday, or just how long does it take for him to recover from a weekend such as this? Just kidding, Jack.:rolleyes:

11-29-2004, 19:31
I want to extend a great big THANK YOU to Blister Sister, Baltimore Jack and of course Big Dave for hosting another tremendous Trashgiving in Hanover. A good time was had by all and Jack's lasagna and Blister's soup to nuts Turkey feast were the best! Thanks again for your efforts. Now on to the Billville "warmer". Chomp, you are up. Finish that Gritty's yet?

12-02-2004, 21:06
Hi All, me again. Just posted the pictures from Trashgiving 2004. Comments with the pictures welcome. Enjoy