View Full Version : Just Hiked Newfound to Davenport Gap

03-20-2010, 19:42
Just got through hiking Newfound Gap to Davenport Gap Thursday through Saturday. Great hike, but demanding for sure. We made it only using Yak Trax, but a couple of others didn't use them at all. Very easy up to Icewater Springs, then a bit more difficult passed there. As late as yesterday, we were still post holing up to knee - sometimes waist deep - when we got off the snow pack an inch or two either way. North of Charlie's Bunion was too crazy, with one of the young ridge runners turning back because he was alone. By the time we left Pecks Corner on Friday morning, the snow had hardened again and it was a long day to Cosby Knob - but doable for sure. Hiking out of Cosby today, intermittent snow until Mt. Cammerer, then smooth sailing to Dav Gap. A few blow downs, but nothing significant. the trail maintainers have done a fantastic job of getting to what they can get to.

03-21-2010, 10:24
Thanks for the report drdewrag. We have been trying to get someone into that section to get a status of blow downs. We plan to get a crew up there April 3-5 if the snow continues to melt. I feel sorry for the 2 ridgerunners that we have in that section of the park right now. It is slow, hard going for them for sure.

03-21-2010, 14:45
The blow downs were worse between Mt Cammerer and Dav Gap. Nothing up there really impassable. Some of y'all's folks have been up there doing some great work already!

03-29-2010, 18:26
We went as far as Dry Sluice Gap and it was fine but we figured it was going to be crazy after that