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11-04-2002, 14:29
There appears to be a 130 mile section from Troutville,VA to Waynesboro without a clear resupply stop. Is Glasgow my best bet? What can I expect in the way of grocery and motels? Easy hitch??

11-04-2002, 15:53
Jeff, Glasgow has a "small" grocery store and a mini-mart. Fried Chicken from the mini-mart was sooooooo good. (of course ALL town food is good!!) They are right across the street from each other. You should be able to get enough from them to get you up to Waynesboro. Nothing fancy and not a big selection. There is a small motel there but no one I was with stayed. Have no first hand knowledge of it.

We were very lucky with hitches here. There's a parking lot at the end of the bridge. "Yogied" a ride in to Glasgow in about 5 minutes. Got a very quick ride back out. Had several others tell me they also quickly got rides.

11-04-2002, 16:20
I stayed at Wildwood Campground when I thru hiked through that area. The were great folks there and I enjoyed it very much, especially the swimming pool since it was in the 90's at the time. They would also do shuttles and also hold packages for you.. Not sure if it is still the same owners and if they are still hiker friendly, but in 99 they were great. That year a lot of hikers stayed there, but maybe they pass by it now.... hope this helps....

Hammock Hanger
11-04-2002, 17:56
very dorm like, small twin bed, one chair, small table with TV. Stand up shower with a small mini tub. Clean and DRY and had heat. Laundromat just a small walk down the road. Food at the Motel restaurant was okay. There is a guy that hangs out at the restaurant that shuttles back to the trail for like a buck a person or five dollars a load... Two small groceries, not a hugh selection but enought to get you to your next stop.
Hammock Hanger

11-05-2002, 08:30
You should be able to get to Glasgow easily, we met a trail angel and former thru-hiker, Caveman, giving out cold sodas in the parking lot on the northbound side of the footbridge, and he brought us to town. The motel is clean and small, with a good breakfast, the grocery store should have enough resupply, there is a good laundromat, and the post office and pay phones are all right next to each other. Not sure if this is a consistent service, but there was a man at the motel breakfast every morning this past year who would take you back to the trail for $7.00 a truck-load. We took advantage of this and were back on the trail by 7:30 am the next morning. I would reccommend Glasgow as a stop,we sued it, and the people I know that didn't would up carrying TONS (8+ days, depending on speed) of food to Waynesboro. One thing, if you are hitching in this area, try to stay as far to the side of the road as possible while still being visible; if memory serves correctly the road was REALLY fast and twisty/turny, and it sure would suck to have you hike cut short becuase you get hit by a car...

11-05-2002, 09:00
You know, how much food you pack going out of Troutville/Daleville depends on what your daily mileage is at that time.

I originally planned 8 days from Troutville/Daleville to Waynesboro, and to resupply in Glasglo. However, when I got to Troutville/Daleville, I reconsidered bbased on the daily mileage I had been doing in Virginia, and decided that I could do it in 6 days instead. So, I resupplied at the new Krogers and didn't go into Glasglo.

So, why not make the decision about Glasglo when you get there? If you are making good miles, then skip it if you are so inclined. And if you are going at a slower pace, then go into Glasglo for a resuppply.

11-05-2002, 10:09
Originally posted by Jumpstart
...we met a trail angel and former thru-hiker, Caveman, giving out cold sodas in the parking lot on the northbound side of the footbridge, and he brought us to town.

I finished on the same day (8/21/2000) with a Caveman from VA. Did he mention when he hiked?

Little Bear
GA-ME 2000

Uncle Wayne
11-06-2002, 08:58
We resupplied in Glasgow when we did the Troutville to Waynesboro section. The motel / cafe had an ayce breakfast bar very reasonable and a nice room for $39. We had no trouble finding everything we needed in the small town. There is a post office, laundry mat, two or three choices for groceries, phones and a couple of cafes. The people were friendly and helpful. As I remember, it is about 7 miles from the James River crossing to Glasgow but we had no trouble getting a ride either way. We didn't try the chicken but the deluxe cheeseburger and tater wedges were delicious!

11-06-2002, 11:21
Hi Little Bear,

I think he mentioned he had done it in 2000. There is a picture of him on our website for that section, if you want to check if it's the same guy...by the way, thanks for all your on-line advice last year while we were planning our hike, I fuond your posts particularly helpful.

11-06-2002, 12:27
Jumpstart - you know, I'm not sure if that is the Caveman I met in Baxter or not. I only spent a day with him, and we were all so emaciated that it's difficult to recognize him with some meat on his bones.

BTW, happy to know that whatever advice I dispensed was found to be useful. From the photos, it looks like you had a great hike.

Little Bear

12-11-2002, 11:37
I planned to go into Buena Vista for resupply between Troutville and Waynesboro. I was going to hitch from US 60 (where there is a road side picnic area). I ended up getting a ride from a guy who was camped out at Little Irish Creek, which is about six mile before US 60.

I was also very lucky because I met different people for four days in a row that were willing to slack pack me for 10 miles, so I ended up going faster than I expected. Half a day without a pack makes a big difference.

08-22-2005, 08:36
I finished on the same day (8/21/2000) with a Caveman from VA. Did he mention when he hiked?

Little Bear
GA-ME 2000
This is caveman. I am the same one that you finished with. I can't believe that I came across your comment justr andomly cruising the net. Hope time has treated you well. I have been doing a lot of trail magic since the hike. You have to pay back all that was done for us. And it's a lot of fun. Get to trade stories.

Drop me a line [email protected]

08-22-2005, 09:45
There is also a nice little country store and campground about 2 miles (it was in 2001 so the mileage may have shrunk over time) or so if you take a left at Fish Hatchery Road. I got invited to spend a few hours at the Seventh Day Adventist camp behind the store and had a good meal for answering a few questions about hiking from the kids.