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03-27-2010, 13:10
How practicle would it be to strap tent & bag to my pack? I want a lightweigt pack & affraid these won't fit inside. I require a shorter pack, due to my heighth. But affraid it will throw me off balance. Thanks

03-27-2010, 14:48
Most packs are at the limit of their comfort when they are full. Furthermore, if you attach to the back of the pack, you torque the load and it seems even heavier than it is. If you have very bulky items, you may be able to strap extra stuff on the top without too much discomfort. Also, you can deal with some discomfort for a short time, e.g. with water on a long dry streach or an extra days food between long resupplies.

A short torso pack does not necessarily mean lower volume/weight handling.

Usually, you should buy the pack last and then select one that will hold the volume/weight comfortably. You may want to consider getting a good size light pack and commit to geting your weight down to fit it. I would suggest something like the ULA Catalyst.

Note, a bulky synthetic bag takes up a lot of volume, and pack recommendations here may not work, and you are probably not getting to something we would consider light weight.


03-27-2010, 19:45
If you put it on the bottom of the pack, you will need four points to secure it so it doesn't swing. It might also rest against your butt, which will not be comfortable.

Depending on heavy a tent it is, it might be better to tie it vertically along the back of the pack. If its fairly heavy and bulky, that will shift the center of gravity backwards, which might be a problem.

Personally, I don't like hanging stuff outside my pack. If it all don't fit, either the pack is too small or have too much stuff. Of course, it depends on how far you expect to carry it. If it's just a weekend trip, thats one thing, but if its a long hike, thats another.

03-27-2010, 22:07
Get a smaller tent and bag. Get a smaller everything else, too.

03-27-2010, 22:38
Thanks! Everyone