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03-28-2010, 21:59
First timer here!

I was thinking about hiking section 18 of the MST. I was looking at the map of section 18 and does anyone know what the "ruin" site is right at the beginning of the trail by Devils Garden Overlook?

Section 18 Map (http://www.ncmst.org/mstsectionsmaps/section18/map_18.1.jpg)


03-28-2010, 22:11
The trail leaves Devil's Garden Overlook on the left and then go left on old road at the sign. look for the trail to go right off the old road. then go right on old road then you will see the old ruins of a homestead on the right and a little ways past it you will turn downhill.
You might want to find a copy of TABA's trail guide. It is very good and he has updated it this year.

03-28-2010, 22:18
Ok that sounds good. I was wondering if you knew what the ruin was... I can see on the map how to get there. On the map it says the ruin is right by devils garden overlook... what is the ruin

03-28-2010, 22:19
I thought we were talking some sort of tax problem here. Disregard this post. :D

03-28-2010, 23:50
It is an old homestead destroyed by a downed tree. Worth the hike from Devil's Garden. It is 1.25 miles down a slighty decline. The descent from there get steeper for 2.6 miles until it is almost 45 degrees for .67 miles with a good water source at the bottom.