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03-30-2010, 13:36
I am planning on hiking a section of the IAT in late April. I checked out:


and the Firth Lake, Harwood Lakes, Chippewa Moraine sections have me pretty intrigued. Living in Omaha, I'm trying to avoid having to drive for more than 8 hours or so, otherwise I would be looking at Jerry Lake (another trip perhaps).

Anyone have any experience on these sections? My friend and I are looking for something remote, moderately challenging, with some good wow spots. One drawback is that the combined mileage is only 19 miles - this would make a pretty quick 3 day trip - which is all we'll have time for.

The KM sections are another possibility, but I thought maybe they were a little too popular for the remote'ish feel we were looking for (???)

Thanks much

03-31-2010, 17:16
Chippewa Moraine is a wow spot. Make sure to stop at the Ice Age Interpretive visitor center to understand the landscape glacial formations -- "perched lakes", "ice-walled lake plains" etc. You should have peace and quiet on this section of trail as you go towards Brunet Island State Park. You could add on the Old Abe Trail out of Cornell which follows the Chippewa River to Jim Falls, it's a bicycle rail trail though. "The Stacker" in Cornell is a mighty tall bit of lumber history. Contact Richard Smith, the chapter coordinator (info at iceagetrail.org) and I'm sure he'd be glad to answer any questions and there are volunteers who can sometimes assist with shuttles.

Jerry Lake is also a good stretch for backpacking, it has a few designated campsites besides the dispersed camping and Mondeaux Flowage is refreshing. Eskers a mile long are a major highlight of the area.

Thanks for checking out the Ice Age Trail!

03-31-2010, 22:44
Thanks for your reply - I'll give the chapter coordinator a call for sure.

I'm also trying to figure out where to camp, but I think the trail guide I just ordered will help.

04-01-2010, 01:13
I want to rent VIP when I go hiking!