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10-13-2004, 08:18
This shelter sleeps 12 and is popular as a staging area for preparing to head NOBO to Mahoosuc Notch (or else just coming out of it.) The AT passes right in front of the shelter and hikers need to ascend a small ladder to get there. There are at least four tent platforms ringed around the shelter. Water is located downhill and behind the shelter from a small brook (mucho tanin.) Nice little spot!

- Ivy

Mr. Clean
10-14-2004, 14:03
Full Goose always seems full, it was when I was there in August. The brook had color to it then as well, but didn't smell too bad. The White Mtn Guide says that the shelter holds twelve. I don't know about that, there were 10 of us in there and we were shoulder to shoulder.
Staying that night with us was Grass, Uncle Ben, Sleeping Beauty, Terrapin Flyer, and a bunch of sectioners. My two friends and I were the only overnighters.

The Solemates
10-14-2004, 14:47
It was 5pm when we arrived at this shelter in June on our thru this year, and despite having plans of pushing on, we decided to stop for the day because we did not know if we could make it out of the notch and to a feasible camp spot before dark. In hindsight we probably could have, but we also werent in a hurry. There was no one else there and we enjoyed our stay. Nice shelter.

06-01-2010, 14:03
An update 5/30/2010, the shelter is as described and in good condition.

01-25-2018, 12:46
Stayed at this shelter on a section in August of 2017. It appeared as described in posts above. Was able to get 1 of the tent platforms, and it was a full house here by dark (all tent platforms/pads occupied as well as a full shelter and someone in a hammock). The area does appear to be heavily used as a staging spot for NOBOs getting ready to go through the notch. A good portion of the area around the shelter is covered with debris (tree branches and things of that nature) in order to reclaim it as the area appears to have been overused in the past.

So note that there's not any options for tenting in the immediate area if you don't get one of the platforms/pads. The area is pretty gnarly when entering it going NOBO, and there is a long very steep descent going down from the lean-to to the notch, so there's no easy tent spots in close proximity to the lean-to going NOBO or SOBO. The next decent spot going NOBO from my recollection is near the small brook when exiting the North end of the notch before climbing the arm.

evyck da fleet
01-25-2018, 13:46
If it rains this shelter will be full. Nobos are told to avoid the Notch in the rain if possible which leads to having twice as many people at a shelter than normal. I’m glad I waited at the shelter after only hiking 5 miles. The Notch was dryish the next day but the trail towards the end looked like a river.