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04-05-2010, 15:48
Planning for my thru-hike next year starting the first week of Sept ...... Figuring on frigid temps a lot of the hike, my "big 4" would consist of:

My base weight:
Hilleberg Nammatj3 and footprint = 127oz (need extra space...claustrophobic)
West. Mount. Sequoia GWS 5 degree sleeping bag = 58oz
Sea to Summit silk liner = 4.8oz
Thermarest ridge rest sleeping pad = 14oz
Deuter Act Lite 50 + 10 backpack = 56oz

Total would be 16.2 lbs.

Adding food, clothes, fuel , etc..., is it possible (with that base weight) to still be at 35 lbs or less for everything ...would love to have it closer to 30? Thanks for any feedback/suggestions/criticisms offered.....I have thick skin :):)

Squeaky 2
04-05-2010, 16:42
ok can i add my two cents in!

is the tent 8lbs! how about getting a large sil nylon tarp? pitch it over your hiking poles, it would be large and wiegh around 1lb. sleep with your pack at your head with some bug netting over the top to keep bugs away (if any in winter). this would save 6 1/2lbs. shelters are plentiful and should rarely be full when you will be hiking and my guess is that will stay in one 95% of the time.

thermarest prolite inflateable sleeping pads are the same wieght and much more comfortable and warmer when sleeping on the ground

ditch the silk liner. get a down bag. more $ but alot lighter! and you could get a 0 degree for around 3lb. once in the stuff sack it will be half the size of synthetic. down loses its thermal value when wet so store the sleeping bag inside 2 plastic grocery bags. you should line the inside of your pack with a large garbage bag to store all your gear inside to keep dry. the sleeping bag will stay bone dry!

you will get a taylor made pack from brian at U.L.A. for a very reasonable price. his packs are of very! high quality and very durable. you can get apack from him that would be solid enough to carry winter gear and still wiegh around 2lb!

new base wieght- 7lb!

Rocket Jones
04-05-2010, 17:02
When it gets colder, a second, closed cell foam pad will help a lot to insulate you from the ground.