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04-06-2010, 14:48
I’ve contacted – or tried to – each of the outdoor stores along the trail to determine if they carry (1) freeze-dried meals, (2) MSR-style gas canisters for stoves, and (3) Esbit solid fuel tablets.

Here’s a summary of the responses to date:

BRECKENRIDGE (Mountain Outfitters 970-453-2201): carries Mountain House brand freeze-dried meals and MSR and JetBoil canisters – both the 100 and 230 gram sizes for each. They do not carry Esbit tablets but will stock them for you if you call and arrange it in advance.

LEADVILLE (Sawatch Backcountry 719-486-2271): carries Mountain House and Natural High brand FD meals as well as MSR, JetBoil, and Primus gas canisters. They did not mention Esbit in their reply.

LEADVILLE (Bill’s Sporting Goods 719-486-0739) – no reply yet

BUENA VISTA (The Trailhead 719-395-8002): carries Mountain House FD meals and MSR, JetBoil, and Primus canisters. They do not carry Esbit tablets but will stock them for you if you call and arrange it in advance. They also hold packages for hikers. :)

SALIDA (Salida Mountain Sports 719-539-4400 ): carries BackPacker’s Pantry brand FD meals and both sizes of MSR and JetBoil canisters, as well as Primus and optimus. They do carry Esbit tablets .

CREEDE (Creede: San Juan Sports 719-658-2482 ) closed for the season, reopens in May

LAKE CITY (Sportsman Outdoor & Fly Shop 970-944-2526 ): carries Mountain House brand FD meals and gas canisters (no brands named). They do not carry Esbit tablets.

SILVERTON (Outdoor World 970-387-5628 ): not to be confused with Bass Pro’s Outdoor World, this is a small local shop. He carries Mountain House FD meals, both sizes of MSR and JetBoil canisters, and will probably have Esbit tablets. They get a lot of CT and CDT hikers through every year.

And of course, REI has several stores in Denver, including a flagship store in downtown Denver, apparently not too far (for a hiker) from the 16th and Market Street bus station.

Wandering Bob

04-07-2010, 10:51
Bill's Sporting Goods in Leadville responded to say they are closing the store by Memorial Day.

That still leaves Sawatch Backcountry for those who go to Leadville.