View Full Version : Contacting Kurt Russell of Wanderlust Gear

11-05-2002, 16:24
I am wondering if anyone has had any luck contacting Kurt Russell of Wanderlust Gear. I have an order in with him (since June), talked to him at the end of August, I moved, and now I need to make sure that he has my new contact information. Unforunately there is no answer on the phone or email.
Hopefully he is just super-busy sewing tents and can't answer the phone any more :)
If anyone has any idea where Kurt's gotten to, I would appeciate the info.

11-05-2002, 18:59
I also have a tent on order from June. He has been hard to contact for about 3 months now. I did finally speak with him in late October but he would not give me a firm ship date. He does make a great tent!!

11-22-2002, 19:09
I placed an order w/ Wanderlust on May 28th, for a Nomad tent. It arrived today. It looks great. I guess Kurt is under a lot of pressure, but I'm not aware of a particular reason. I've heard rumors his mother was sick. I don't know. He has been very difficult to get a hold of. I happy I have my tent, and not upset at the lenght of time. Good luck to Kurt and Wanderlust.:cool: :cool: