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10-18-2004, 04:32
my buddy mike and I section hiked through CT and MA with a NOBO TH named Poptart. Real good guy, thinking he should be wrapping up his thru hike by now. Anybody know anything, seen him?

He was hiking behind a group that included:
Dapper Dan

10-18-2004, 19:16
PopTart is alive and well and close to completing his thru-hike to Katahdin. I crossed him on Tuesday October 12 at the Kennebec River in Maine. After he cleaned my store out of Pop Tarts, he was last seen hiking north 35 miles to Monson. Seven days out of Caratunk/The Forks puts him face to face with the Chairbacks section of the Maine AT. As we speak, he is probably wondering why he didn't go to Disney World instead of wearing all of his belonging to sleep under clear stars with temps in the high 20's somewhere in the Maine Woods. Do not worry, Pop Tart has lots of friends up here including moose, deer, bear, coyote, irmine, fishers and oh yeah, lots of hungry mice. Sleep well my dear Pop Tart! I crossed two more hikers today at the Kennebec River. A southbounder named Shane headed from Katahdin to PA and also a northbounder named "Deeds" from Duluth,GA who is finishing his thru hike he started on April 3, 2004. So far, 1276 hikers have used the ferry service since May 7 and I have my favorite hikers. Robert "Deeds" Olson is one of them. Yours Truly, Steve 'ferryman' Longley:bse

10-18-2004, 19:51
Robert "Deeds" Olson is one of them. Yours Truly, Steve 'ferryman' Longley:bseThanks for the update Steve. Deeds is a hiker who has been through many many hardships on his hike, its great to know he's still out there!