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10-18-2004, 11:44
I hiked from Cheshire to North Adams and overnighted at Greylock (elevation 3491 feet) Oct. 12, 2004. I didn't know Bascom Lodge was open so brought all my camping gear. I arrived at the Lodge at 4 pm and was told they had a dorm room for $26 (on weekends it's $36). There are also several private rooms for around $70-$75. Bascom Lodge is a substantial stone building. The atmosphere there on a quiet weeknight, with a fire in the fireplace and the sun setting over the Catskills, is a hiker's dream of paradise. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful to everyone. There are some serious hikers working there who can answer all your questions.
The women's dorm had four bunk beds and one single bed. The whole south wall was windows and looked east, south and west. The view was amazing, all the way south to Mount Everett and Mount Race and beyond. The price includes a hot shower and coffee in the morning. There is a snack bar that sells hot food or you can sign up for dinner or breakfast. You can also purchase small useful backpacking items, snacks, books, T-shirts. You can even send mail from there.
Staying at Bascom Lodge is a great way to hike Greylock. As a bonus feature the next day I caught a bus 100 yards fom the AT crossing on Route 2, changed in North Adams and was transported back to my car in Cheshire.

07-26-2005, 10:11
The Lodge itself was comfy-looking and the snack bar, store, and lobby were very nice, but I got the impression (at least from the guy running the store) that I should move on and not stay there. Admittedly it was only 1:30 when I arrived, and I easily made the next shelter (Wilbur Clearing), but I had been partly considering staying for the comfort factor (showers, running water, four walls).

I had been section hiking for 7 days at this point, and inquired about the garage hostel room for long distance hikers (according to the guides, they offer it for $10 and it's very basic, but you still get a shower). The response was, "Oh, you can make it to the next shelter." Well, of course I could, but what if I wanted to stay there instead, for the reasons I just listed? I never read anywhere that it was just for hikers who arrived late in the day. And I just didn't like the idea that I was being "moved along".

Snack bar was a nice treat for lunch, and the location is awesome. In the end, I hiked down to Wilbur Clearing and overnighted there. I'm glad I didn't give them my $10 after all if that's how they're going to treat hikers like myself.

12-06-2005, 16:30
Stopped there while hiking the MA section in Sept 2001 with my dad. We got to late to get dinner and they wouldn't let us use our stove in the lodge. In the end they told us we could stay in the "overflow" area, which was the old skiing cabin by the thunderbolt trail.
I think it was much better staying there, especially with the history behind it. The cabin had 4 wooden beds laid out in a star shape with stoves between each. Very cool!

10-25-2013, 08:21
Bascom Lodge will close for the season on October 26th (2013). This means no potable water will be available at the summit until they re-open in the spring (probably the third weekend in May).