View Full Version : Dreed Cracks a new feature on Garmin Oregon

Wise Old Owl
04-21-2010, 20:13
In a earlier thread having topo without a prerecorded track can be frustrating. And if there is multiple trails that branch and come back it can be hard to keep it together. SO loading an image of the park map is very handy! Scan and add here is part of the instructions.

http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/cache/offonce/us/onthetrail/custommaps;jsessionid=919124C40B2C375849DDFED9DA61 F029

After following the directions this at first did not work, getting the Google map to work was easy one you drag and drop the blue lines at the edges of the picture.

Then you have to create a place while the GPS is connected to the computer. Opne my computer click on Garmin open the Garmin folder and add "CustomMaps" folder - notice the capitals and the lack of spaces. then save the kmz file inside the folder.

Then click on the Setup, Select Map, select the new folder and go back and turn on the Map -

This information appears to be missing from the Garmin Website.

Now you can check the accuracy of the park maps! And find their mistakes.