View Full Version : Puzzle for the logisticians

04-22-2010, 16:56
So, my girlfriend is going to begin a SOBO thru in early June. I have the time to do Baxter State Park and all of the 100 mile wilderness with her, yet, I must return home when I get to Monson. Here is where I need whatever advice I can get: We will be driving to Katahdin from GA and will be hiking with a dog. In your opinions, what is the best way to Kennel a dog during the BSP phase, where can we park for 2 weeks, and how do we get back to the car from Monson?

Here's the plan I've initially conceived of: 1) Drive to Millinocket, 2) kennel the dog nearby, 3) shuttle to Katahdin, overnight, summit and hike to the golden road, 4) shuttle back to Millinocket, 5) get the dog and drive to Monson and park the car at a hostel, and 6) shuttle back to the golden road and hike the 100 mile wilderness with the dog.

What do you think? All in all, and not counting the drive from GA to Millinocket, this should take about 12 days. Doable? If you can think of a better plan, let's hear it! Thanks in advance.

04-22-2010, 17:16
You should check and see if whoever does the kennel could deliver the dog to you at Abol Bridge. This would cut out all the mess in the middle and you could just leave the car at either end.

04-22-2010, 17:47
I like it. So, how about this: 1) Drive to Monson, 2) shuttle to Millinocket and Kennel the dog, 3) shuttle to Katahdin, overnight, summit, and hike to golden road/abol bridge, 4) have someone there to deliver the dog to us, 5) hike to Monson.

Looks good. Is there someone that shuttles dogs to hikers when they leave Baxter? That would save us a day I'm thinking. Thanks for the reply White Russian.