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Mother Natures Son
04-25-2010, 17:02
This weekend was the Spring meeting and hikes in Wellsboro, PA. The hikes were super but the Saturday night dinner at the PennWells hotel was super! For the dinner smorgasbord they had, believe it or not, crab legs, prime roast beef, barbequed spare ribs, chicken, and other delights in the barbeque category. This is not to mention all the yummy fruits and vegetables and the fancy deserts. I mean, normal hiking food is, well... plain if you go to these things. KTA and the hotel really threw out the gauntlet and if you missed it you were out of luck. Anyone run into an ALYCE or other restaurants that threw open their doors in such a way for us hikers?:clap

04-25-2010, 19:09
I was there too, seemed pretty good this year too. My 7 yo recoiled at the crab legs though. :D

Were you hiking? I was to lead 2 but led just 1, no one showed up in the rain for Sunday's.

04-25-2010, 21:06
KTA does wonderful work. Thanks