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John B
04-28-2010, 09:08
A message from Charlie Rowe, our US Forest Service Ranger, about this month's trail maintenance. This one is going to be physically harder than most:

Hey Trail Crew,
Here comes May! Summer is almost here; warm enough to get out and about but not too hot yet. The leaves are on the trees but they are still light in color. Actually spring is my second favorite time of the year next to winter. It has been a little dry this spring, about six inches behind on rainfall but the ground is not dry. The lack of rain contributed to a little fire bust we had, kept me kinda busy a while but it is all over now.
For the May outing we will head into the wilderness with the Crosscut saws. It has been a long time since we have been down on Swift Camp Creek. This is mainly because we had finished our trimming cycle over a three year period ending a couple years ago, then the Big Ice Storm hit last January. The Recovery Act Contractors cleared all the down trees so we didn?t really need to do anything. I wish they would had done the trimming and too. So, I am hearing of several downed trees all within a couple miles so let?s go in and get em, see what else we find down there.
Let?s meet at Rock Bridge Picnic Area Parking lot for this one; I think this may be a first. Let?s be there by 9:30 so we can get on down the trail. This will be a moderately strenuous workday and expect to hike up to six and one half miles depending on how many logs we have to cut. Be sure to bring plenty of water. If there is a need for a lighter work hike we can split off a crew, so come join us either way.
Saturday, May 8, 9:30a Rock Bridge Picnic Area Parking lot at the end of Rock Bridge Road, hope to see ya there. And, as always we will gather that evening at our Volunteer camp, where the meals are great and the company is even better. Come join us, even stay the night if you want.
To get to Rock Bridge Picnic Area; take exit 40 from the Mountain Parkway and turn right on KY 15 north, about a mile or so then turn right on KY 715. About a quarter mile then right on Rock Bridge Road.
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Charlie R.

Charlie Rowe
US Forest Service
3451 Sky Bridge Rd, Hwy 715
Stanton, KY 40380
606-663-0576 X 106