View Full Version : Camping sites in Shenandoah national Park

04-29-2010, 09:10
I have hiked all through the SNP and have hikd much of the AT.

Often when hiking I have stayed at Campgrounds- nice, clean and convenient)

In the next year I plan to do a SNP/AT hike during a 2 week vacation.

Are there good places to camp other than the Campgrounds or Shelter/huts?

Good places/better places....
Thanks :-?:sun

04-29-2010, 22:59
Big Run Connector Trail was a real nice place to spend the night about a half mile before the Rocky Top Trail junction if you don't mind blue blazing.

05-02-2010, 16:21
Agree Big Run Wilderness is a nice area but off trail

Mrs Baggins
05-02-2010, 16:28
Jeremy's Run. Nice sites near the stream, under the trees. When we were there last April we were told "No Fires in the backcountry" so we didn't have one.....but just about every single set of backpackers up from us had roaring campfires, at night and again in the morning.