View Full Version : Weekend Hike - North of Hot Springs hiking South back into town?

04-29-2010, 13:58
Trying to get a hike together, and coordinating a big group from a bunch of different cities. I suggested maybe meeting in Hot Springs because of the campground there, and I thought Bluff Mountain offered shuttles? But this is just from memory. Does anyone know if this is still offered?

I think we would want to get shuttled north somewhere and spend a few days strolling back into town.

Thanks for any help.

04-29-2010, 14:11
Did Devils Fork Gap to hot Springs (~30 miles) 2 years ago, BMO shttled us. It was a great hike.

Chaco Taco
04-29-2010, 22:26
Wayne and Dan will make arrangements Im sure. Start Devils Fork and hike south. Much easier than going north

04-30-2010, 15:01
Thanks for the replies. We called and they are definitely still doing the shuttles.


04-30-2010, 17:11
Devil's Fork Gap to Hot Springs is a great hike. There are some awesome views if the weather cooperates.

The first half mile to a mile is easy hiking, then it's up, up, up for a mile. Once you're on the ridge it's easy hiking to Allen Gap.

04-30-2010, 18:27
You might also consider starting at Max Patch and walking north into Hot Springs. You could get an incredible view from Max Patch, and its an easy walk into town, with only two significant ascents (Walnut and Bluff Mountains), and frankly they're pretty easy.

Of course, hiking south from Devils Fork Gap gives you a nice view off of the Firescald Knobs, plus you can take the side trail to ascend the Camp Creek Bald firetower, and then you have the Rich Mountain firetower and the view from Lovers Leap over the French Broad. I still loved Max Patch, however.

Jack Tarlin
05-01-2010, 12:01
Kerosene nailed it. The stretch SOUTH of Hot Springs is much nicer.

I'd get to Hot Springs, figure things out car and shuttle-wise (if you need a lift anywhere, talk to Dan Gallagher, co-owner of Bluff Mt. Outfitters).

*I'd spend Friday night on top of Max Patch if the weather is good (bring water!). If weather
is no good, go to Roaring Fork shelter.

*Second night I'd camp somewhere north of Walnut Mt., maybe around Kale Gap. Again,
bring water.

*Sunday will easily bring you back to Hot Springs, with the end of the day all a gentle

05-03-2010, 07:07
I second and third the suggestion to hike the section south of Hot Springs. Max Patch is one of the best places on the AT, and a great place to start a weekend hike.

05-04-2010, 02:48
Max Patch can be nice, but it can also be a place you hurry to get off of. Lots of wind on most days. You could also start at Calf Mt. or Allen Gap for a shorter hike into town if 30m is more than you want to attempt. You may want to consult Loki Racer on this matter.