View Full Version : Campsites between Helvey's Mill and Jenny Knob Shelters?

10-22-2004, 08:13
Does anyone know if there are some campsites between Helvey's Mill Shelter and Jenny Knob Shelter? I'm looking at doing a December hike in S. VA, and am considering the section just north of Bland. But, because there's not a lot of daylight at that time of year, I would like to have an option at the 5-6 mile point, instead of doing the whole 9.something miles. I realize it would be a dry camp, and that's ok. But, are there any campsites along that ridge?


Beth "Pringles"
660 miles

10-22-2004, 11:30
Just as an FYI, I recollect this being one of the smoothest easiest treadways on the entire trail. I mean if you wanna camp, go for it, but you should have no problem making it. Once up on the ridge and past the climb outta Bland, its smooth sailing all the way.

10-22-2004, 12:00
Don't remember any one particular spot, But I really don't remember the trail being that difficult in that area. As I remember it was rolling hills with lots of place along the trail a person could setup camp. I spent the night in bland and got an early start out, and it's weird because I remember thinking how peaceful that area was and how nice it would be to camp just about anywhere.

As far being a dry camp, you could get extra water at helvey's and carry it in to a camp sight. Also being winter time there be little spring's or trickles of water along the way that are not officially on any map or in any book because they would normally be dry.