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05-02-2010, 18:20
How many degrees than one expect to raise the temperature rating of a bag by using a high quality silk bag liner?????? :-?


kayak karl
05-02-2010, 18:28
How many degrees than one expect to raise the temperature rating of a bag by using a high quality silk bag liner?????? :-?

thank EWKER at HF

05-02-2010, 18:35
I used a homemade one this past summer in Colorado inside a 45 deg bag. The temp got down to just below freezing at night but I was comfortable. I was wearing my base layer and I am a warm sleeper but I can guarantee that I would have been cold without the liner. I'd agree with the 10 degF estimate (last post).

05-02-2010, 18:46
Thanks KK for that site!


05-02-2010, 20:13
i have a WM summerlite(32*) and a STS silk liner. Both combined with all of my clothing i can get down in the low teens.

05-02-2010, 20:56
I also use a silk liner in the summer, as just a sheet. It provides just enough warmth on summer mountain nights to still be comfortable.

05-02-2010, 20:59
Carry a liner anyway - it'll keep the inside of your bag clean.

It's much easier to wash a liner than a bag.

05-12-2010, 02:56
I just bought a silk liner from Jag Bags and I used it for the first time the other night car camping with the kids. I brought my sleeping bag just in case, but also brought this liner cause it was actually in the low 90's during the day. However, I was sleeping under a tarp, we were expecting rain (it called for scattered t'storms) and the lows was in the mid 50's. I used the liner by itself for a while wearing only my boxers, however, the wind picked up greatly and the temps dropped. It never did rain, but on about midnight or so, I did pull my sleeping bag out of it's stuff sack and drape it over me while inside the silk liner.

It is a nice liner, made form fine silk and weighs in at 3.6 oz. I am amazed at the temperature differences the liners claim. I am not saying they are untrue, but wow, a simple silk liner increases 9.5*. That's pretty cool. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures so that I can try and test this one out.

Anyway, if you want to check them out they are here:


They are less expensive than many of the other liners I have come across, and after receiving it and inspecting it, it seems to be a high quality liner as well. It is crafted from pure silk, and the stitching is good. There were not loose strings anywhere on mine. It also comes with a stuff sack made of the same material. They do offer a heavier weight option to the fine silk called endura silk. People have also reported this liner to add ~ 10* to their set up. Since this is a small business, you can easily make adjustments for a more custom fit as well. It took about a week to come in since it is made and shipped from New Zealand.

05-15-2010, 06:47
If anyone is interested in a great deal for a Cocoon silk liner, I have listed one in perfect condition on Ebay..see lin below :


06-04-2010, 19:18
I finally got around to writing up an initial review (however with some use) on my Jag Bag silk liner. This has been my first liner, but it has definitely shined. For the price and quality of this liner, as of now I will replace the liner if I ever need to. It is of good quality and increases the comfort level of my sleep system. Anyway, here is the review if you want to check it out:


08-05-2010, 22:10
Just my two cents-- Academy Sporting Goods chain, if you have one near you, carries very good 100% silk bag liners, choice of rectangular or mummy, for about $16 each. Good quality, great price. Tucked away in their camp section.
Go rectangular and you can use it solo for a sleep sheet/summer bag substitute and it still fits fine in your mummy bag as a liner.

Keeps the bag clean as well...easy to wash a liner when needed.

Academy doesn't do mail order.