View Full Version : Campsite near Elk Garden?

05-06-2010, 16:45
I am planning on spending next Thursday night near the Thomas Knob Shelter, but should the weather turn bad and I need to seek a lower elevation for camping are there any camp site on the AT near Elk Garden prior to climbing back up White Top and over 5,000 feet? Last time I was in the area (2 years ago) the Deep Gap area was closed to camping because of overuse.



Lone Wolf
05-06-2010, 16:49
yup. there's a campsite just in the woods at elk garden. south side

05-06-2010, 16:52
Thanks LW. Glad to hear there is a site nearby. Just in case I need to get out of the high country.

05-19-2010, 11:43
Thanks again. I found that campsite but pushed on to the spring near the Whitetop parking lot. I wish I had done the extra mile to Buzzard's Rock. It was fogged in the next morning. :(