View Full Version : Davis Farm campsite overlooking Burke's Garden

05-13-2010, 21:17
Book says there is a seasonal spring there. Anyone been through there recently? Is there really any water there now? I want to camp there in a few days.

05-14-2010, 08:28
Also, has anyone been here this spring? I found some posts from last year that gave mixed opinions on the quality of the camping there.

SGT Rock
05-14-2010, 09:28
I camped there in 2008. This was after all the drought of 2006-2007 and the spring was running.

The campsite is a nice little plot of grass big enough for a two person tent. I had a bit of trouble trying to hang my hammock but made it work.

The thing is about 0.5 miles of downhill from the AT, which means a 1/2 mile climb out of the place when you are ready to leave the next day.

But I enjoyed staying there. Nice views and you are about guaranteed to be left alone.

05-14-2010, 10:30
I camped there in July 2009 - good flow from the spring - some signs of cattle and bear in the area (cow crap with bear print in it on the trail to the spring) but no problems - good view - hanging the hammock was a little tough as I ended up about 50 feet up hill from the campsite with a significant slope under me - next day was raining so I took a zero there

05-14-2010, 17:30
Thanks y'all, I believe I'll try it.

SGT Rock
05-14-2010, 19:27
Good luck and good hike

08-07-2015, 10:42
Planning a hike from Damascus to Pearisburg in a few weeks and was thinking of camping here. Anyone been to the Davis Farm campsite recently, know if it's still maintained, info on water reliability, etc.??? THANKS.

08-07-2015, 12:48
If it's been raining the spring should be running. Treat your water. It's a slightly sloped site with some flatter places to set up a 2 man tent. When it's been raining consistently or heavily the water sheets across the Davis Farm CS washing woods debris(leaves, twigs) into little moraine like piles. When I've camped there the camping pad areas and large areas on the ground were largely clear of leaves leaving bare soil which COULD be construed as being surface muddy after regular heavy rain. There has been some grass though. I've always found dryish spots to tarp, tent, or hang. The cows were a delight. I really feel like I'm camping on the edge of farm land when there removed from the interstate super hiker highway that the AT can resemble. It's not all that BIG a deal of a walk to the campsite. I've enjoyed my stays there.

If you want to experience the old world charm and mystique of a largely forgotten isolated higher elevation VA farming area in a tiny community that hasn't given into the hurried to be somewhere else hustle bustle modern day big city lifestyle I strongly suggest a walk or hitch to the Burkes Garden General Store. A wonderful experience to further decompress from the entanglements of large scale human civilization or a hurried AT hiking atmosphere that is becoming somewhat increasingly common on the AT. Not much traffic but the locals of Burkes Garden have been friendly and welcoming to this humble respectful responsible backpacker making it easier to hitch a ride to the General Store. The in the know locals do use the graded gravel road as it's a short cut. The AT bisects this road.