View Full Version : Am. Trail Running Assoc, "Rules on the Run"

John B
05-14-2010, 08:34
This month's issues of both Club Running and Running Times have feature articles on trail running, which is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds (pun intended). The American Trail Running Association published a list of essential rules for trail running to help people new to the sport. These are their rules, not mine. Most are just simple common sense, but with that said their "Rules on the Run" are:
1. Stay on the trail. Don't bushwhack, cut switchbacks, etc.
2. Run over obstacles, run single file when in a group, go through puddles and not around them. If the trail is muddy, postpone running. The idea is to reduce unnecessary erosion.
3. Run only on designated open trails, don't trespass, leave gates as you find them.
4. Respect animals, don't disturb or harass livestock, avoid trails that cross known wildlife havens during sensitive times.
5. If you bring your dog, keep it on a leash at all times; it is imperative to exercise Leave No Trace with respect to removing dog waste.
6. Don't startle trail walkers and hikers. A fast moving runner who seems to emerge suddenly from nowhere can be alarming. Give a courteous, audible announcement well in advance. Show respect when passing by slowing down or stopping to prevent accidental contact. Yield to all other trail users. Uphill runners yield to downhill runners.
7. Don't litter.
8. Run in small groups to be less intimidating, make less noise, and reduce trail impact.
9. Safety -- run with a buddy if you can; let people know where you're going and when you'll be back; carry water and energy replacements; don't use headphones; know your limits; know the weather.
10. Give back -- do volunteer work, encourage others, and don't be a jerk.

One more thing, for further info about the association, go to www.trailrunner.com (http://www.trailrunner.com)