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05-16-2010, 17:51
I need to outfit my son. He's just 9, but he's big, huge for 9. 5ft tall and 110 lbs. I think I can probably get away with buying the smallest adult sized stuff or women's stuff, as long as he never finds out its "womens stuff." But, for those of you with backpacking kids, give me some good suggestions. And remember, I'll be carrying most of it. I got the tent, his sleeping pad, all the cookware and other stuff. Got an extra headlamp and water bottles. What I'll have to buy is:

1. backpack: he does have an Army medium ALICE pack with frame that he loves and uses all the time, but I'm willing to bet that after one trip, he'll want something more comfortable. Any good, quality packs with mucho torso adjustability? Will pay the money so long as I get years out of it. Doesn't have to be huge.

2. footwear: I'll take suggestions, but can probably handle this.

3. sleeping bag: he's got a Slumberjack Grow and Go bag, but he's just about grown out of it. I wouldn't need anything warmer than a 30 degree, and would much prefer a full zipper so he can use it as a blanket when it's hot out. He will probably be carrying this, so light is good. I'd go down, but think synthetic might be a better option right now.

4. clothing and rain shell: this is where I need the most help. I want the cheapest suitable trail clothes I can get, because he's growing like a weed and I all but guarantee I'll need to rebuy them all by fall or definitely by next spring. He does have a good fleece that is a little big on him.

5. anything else?

I also have a 4 1/2 y/o little girl who will, in good time, also be backpacking, so what I get now for the boy will eventually be the girl's when the boy outgrows them.



05-16-2010, 17:57
All I can say is, since he's growing, go with more inexpensive stuff. Campmor has good deals on kids stuff, like kiddo packs. I'd also see what is available in Target etc. Sometimes you can get wicking-type clothing there for less $. Polyester fleece pullover. Also nylon wind pants and shorts, etc And I would also check your thrift stores like Goodwill. Just some sturdy athletic sneakers should work - look for good tread. NO cotton socks!

05-16-2010, 18:06

Here is a thread I started a few years ago when I took my oldest daughter for her first trip. A lot of good info on kids.

Feral Bill
05-16-2010, 20:19
REI has some youth packs that have the best features of adult's gear. While they were growing, I took my kids back to REI each spring for a refit of their packs, which are very adjustable. My 19 YO daughter still uses the one she got at 9 or 10. My son has mostly inherited my old external frame. None of this is super light but it works well.

As for clothes, I second the thrift store plan.