View Full Version : Gregory Palisades Pack for sale

05-22-2010, 18:29
Used Palisades small pack for sale
Weight: 6+ lbs
volume: 4800 cu. in.
size: small belt, torso and shoulder strap sizes. I'm a torso size 18"
color: red and black
condition: some staining, but all straps and zippers so tough they will last forever. A little elasticity gone from one side mesh pocket. Still holds 1 liter water bottle.

This pack will last forever! I'm changing to a smaller, lighter pack. But if you want a work horse that balances a load up to 70 lbs easily on your hips, this pack is for you! Lots of gear loops, including straps to hold sleeping mat at the bottom. Removable top pouch great for snacks, maps, whatever. Front loading zippered front pocket. Separate sleeping back compartment. Well used, bought in 2001. Good for many years to come!

Asking $100. Bought it for $280. Not including shipping.

01-10-2011, 23:46
I own this pack and love it. It's heavy, but it's comfortable and carries heavier wieghts well.