View Full Version : What do you guy's recommend? Humbley asking your advice

woolfie and GG
10-28-2004, 14:58

we are travelling over to the States in mid November to make arrangments/final planning but more importantly to buy gear to trail test before march start.

Having researched items over here in the U.K. having little advice/reviews for long term hiking,these are the items we think will buy unless you tell us there are some mistakes!

For two travelling ,tenting most nights, bias to comfort rather than lightest possible weight,

Ice-breaker merino wool;

long and short sleeved base layer tops,

long thermal pants,

mid layer zipped top

Nlyon running shorts

Arc'teryx gamma mx hoody's

Montaine Lightweight waterproofs jacket & leggings

Couple of buffs

Fleece wind proof gloves/hat

Smartwool socks

Small gaiters

Trail approach type shoes (N.B. salomon,) or even trail/fell runners(inov8 mudrocks)

Mountian equipment sleepwalker sleeping bags

Osprey ruck sacks

Primus pocket rocket type stove

Snowpeak titanium cook set (what litre pots for two?, eating same food)

Hilleberg nallo 2gt tent

what do you think, is there better suited items,how about down jackets for warth/pillows, will we ever be able to carry that lot,

thanks in advance Woolfie & G.G.

10-28-2004, 16:01
i'll try to help a little;
1st. whats a "buff"
i'm not sure about fuel for your stove. i use a trangia alcohol stove.
i have a eureka zeus 1 tent ; 3lb. & i like it.
watch out for too much clothes, you can roll up your sleeves so only carry 1 shirt. most of the clothes you'll wear when you stop & at night. walking keeps you warmer than you think.
i've always use a 1&1/2 qt. pot . buy the food you plan to eat & test it at home, i use the front porch for test meals & use my stove. check out the lists posted in this forum.

10-28-2004, 18:11
Sounds like you've picked out about the right stuff. The Pocket Rocket is a good stove, and you won't have any trouble finding fuel along the way. One jacket is fine to have, though you'll want to switch from a heavier one in winter to a lighter one in summer. You probably won't want more than that. Leaving in March, expect temps down to around 20F at night. If you think you'll still be cold, carry a second shirt and just wear that as another layer. I carried a long sleeve shirt until it started to get hot, then just ripped the sleeves off. You can use your clothes bag as your pillow.

I'll look forward to meeting you two out there next year. Good luck.

woolfie and GG
10-29-2004, 08:21
we are really looking forward to starting now,
5 months to go maybe to the day...


11-07-2004, 11:02
In case you were not aware there is at least an REI in Atlanta if you need to find fuel for your stove to get started. REI is a large, outdoor outfitter/co-op. A number of the shuttles on the list available from the ATC will stop there if they get you from the Atlanta airport.

I am leaving my down vest at home this year. I was on Springer in March last year, temps in the 20's Fleece, a few layers, and a Gore-tex jacket were fine. Also, I am going to hike in a Kilt (poly not wool) but that is another story.....

See you up the trail, I'll make tea!

01-08-2005, 17:48
Hi Woolfie and GG! Not sure if you are still logging into this forum, BUT if you want to chat give me a shout.

My husband and I live in North Somerset and will be hiking starting the beginning of March...we are flying over March 3 and will start about a week later.

The average daytime temp in Atlanta is 20C in March!!! (checked at www.weather.com (http://www.weather.com)) so it's going to be warmer during the day than you are used to. The nights will still be cold though. But again - not as cold as we are used to. The only heavy winter stuff I am taking is my woolie hat and gloves and maybe 2 fleece jumpers. The rest is all layers.

Let me know if you need some advice geared for the UK hiker-hiking in the USA. :)