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11-07-2002, 17:04
This is where the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) is located. Not much here, but a good stop nonetheless. The trail goes right through the "town". At the NOC you can get enough food to make the day or two it will take you to get over Cheoah Bald and through Stecoah Gap to Fontana Village. Energy/Candy bars, mac and cheese, potatoes, liptons, couscous. Not very original nor a very good variety (i.e, there is only plain couscous, only one variety of liptons, only plain potatoes). It may have a better selection in March and April. But, you don't need too much to get to Fontana. Of course, there is the requisite Ben and Jerry's as well. The NOC is a complete outfitter, so you can drop some serious change here if you want to. There is also a motel where you can get a room for the night if you wish.

There are at least two restaurants here: The Wesser Resort(?) and some other place. Be warned that the other place doesn't open till 11 and the Wesser resort doesn't serve cheeseburgers till 11, although it will serve you breakfast. The waiter, Chuck, was the friendliest on the trail. My Mello Yello would get 1/4 drunk and he'd refill it. Good bacon double cheeseburger (2nd only to the Paddler Pub in Hot Springs). My only complaint is that you can't have beer with your meal.