View Full Version : South Beyond 6000

05-27-2010, 16:51
Matt Kirk, having accomplished the unsupported record for the Benton-MacKaye Trail in 2009,
is tackling the forty 6000'+ peaks in the TN-NC mountains via a continuous 250+ mile foot trek.
The current record of 4d:23h:28m was set by CaveDog in June of 2003.
Matt had a good first day ahead of schedule.
Periodic updates of his progress by crew member Adam Hill may be found here (http://beyond6000.wikispaces.com/)

05-27-2010, 16:59
Awesome... I hope he does well. Is there any chance y'all have a twitter account where you'll be posting updates? :-/

05-27-2010, 17:09
No twittering that I'm aware of. Just the main wikispace
I'll watch Adam's email and forward any info.