View Full Version : is this good enough?

06-03-2010, 04:21
i have the pinnacle soloist and a titanuim tea pot is this big enough for myself and one other guy? will we have to cook food in this and find something else bigger to eat out of? ie:we have hiked together b4 and shared"old cookset msr light at the time 5 years ago " should we need a higher capcity pan?

06-03-2010, 07:47
It depends on what you eat and how you eat. These things become like rituals, and sort themselves out over time. I think you need one more mug, for the other fellow, which can also be used for eating out of. Some meals you might each have a drink, and share the pot. Other meals you might share the pot but also have something to eat/drink out of the mugs, like soup. The teapot sounds nice, if you drink alot of tea. Also, you can use it to heat up more water, for food or drink, while the pot is in use. Aesthetics are as important as weight and size. When it all sorts itself out it should be a think of beauty, like the japanese tea ceremony, a celebration of refined poverty.