View Full Version : Help with tent sites between Max Patch and Hot Springs

06-10-2010, 16:26
I'm a scoutmaster taking a group on the AT in July, and we plan to hike between Max Patch and Hot Springs. My group is about double the size I anticipated (figured between 15 and 20, and have 31 people), and am worried that I will need to diligently plan to have the group split between a couple campsites on the trail each night. We do plan to hike as three groups, although for logistical purposes it would be easiest if we were somewhat together allowing for a single dropoff and pickup location.

Does anyone know where I can find information about the size of the campsites in this section of trail? Thanks in advance.

Jack Tarlin
06-10-2010, 16:36
I'm glad you realize your group is too big to be traveling/camping together; this is very considerate of you to acknowledge.

*There is some (tho not great) tenting available at Roaring Fork shelter
*There's a site good for large group camping just past the site of the OLD
Roaring Fork Shelter; if memory serves, this is about at mile mark 257 from
Springer, to the left of the Trail.
*There's good camping above Walnut Mt. Shelter; there are several sites there,
i.e. 10-12 people could be easily accommodated.
*There's good camping shortly before Hot Springs at or near Deer Park Shelter.

06-10-2010, 16:43
Thanks for the information Jack. It's definitely my goal to teach the kids the proper respect for the outdoors and those in it, and keeping the group size down is part of that.

06-10-2010, 17:15
There's also good camping below Walnut Mtn. Shelter, in the cleared field that looks out toward the lights of Hot Springs. You may have to wade through some sticker bushes to get there, so long pants will be in order.

There is also a nice open area suitable for a large group about halfway up Bluff Mountain (hiking NOBO). Last October there was a nice spring a few hundred yards south of this site.

Morning Glory
06-18-2010, 15:28
There is also some great camping at Lemon Gap with lots of room for tents. It's about a mile or so before Walnut Mtn. Shelter.