View Full Version : Abol Bridge Ridgerunner Needed ASAP

TJ aka Teej
06-10-2010, 17:55
MATC | Maine Appalachian Trail Club - Abol Bridge Ridgerunner Needed ASAP - Due to a last minute change MATC is looking for a ridgerunner for this season 6/30-10/15/10. The ideal candidate would be a AT thru-hiker, familiar with Leave No Trace principles, and familiar with Baxter State Park policies. Please contact Bill Millis at [email protected] or 207-465-7038. Posted 6-8-10
Just passing this along.

06-11-2010, 14:46
I was planning on started a SOBO thru in July but this seems like to good of an opportunity to pass up. I emailed Mr. Millis to "toss my hat in the ring."

06-11-2010, 16:06
Glad to see that the word is out on WB. However, when you contact me don't call me Mr. Millis. It makes me sound like an old fart. I'm just a dirty, unshaven hiker like many of you-both male and female. Call me Bill or Doc and we will get along fine. Seriously, the Abol caretaker position is in one of the most spectacular places on the AT and we would like to find a person who can assist hikers entering Baxter and to get the word out about LNT principles as they finish the last few miles.

06-11-2010, 22:37
I just replied to your email. Sorry for the Mr. Millis usage... again. I am really excited about this opportunity and although it would mean no thru this year, it is simply too good to pass up. Let me know how everything goes, Doc!


06-14-2010, 10:00
Just noticed this, but I'll add my name to the list as well, if it isn't too late.