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max patch
11-04-2004, 13:50
The Indymedia website that was the source of a "news article" is a blog and has no journalistic integrity. I wrote the following article as proof:


SGT Rock
11-04-2004, 14:01
LOL, good one.

The Old Fhart
11-04-2004, 14:42
Max Patch,
Love you article! Have you ever thought of working for the National Enquirer? :) Only problem is you sound so much better that the other faked article. Obviously the other article was posted so that the poster could then "find" and quote it as "fact" and, in a cowardly way, try to claim he had nothing to do with the slander.

11-04-2004, 16:08
hahahaha still laughing as I type.

Pencil Pusher
11-04-2004, 17:05
Good humor Max Patch! :D

SGT Rock
11-04-2004, 18:00
Honestly, this makes a good illustration of how you have to weigh anything you read on the internet. Not everything is true or 100% accurate simply because it is in print, and the internet has even less checks and balances than print media these days. I foresee the "invented report" becoming a favorite with cowards that want a way to create facts to back up their arguments. I would never quote an article off a blog and I hope no one else would either.

Also, I guess I should say something authoritative like "in case you didn't realize it, the article from Max Patch is not truth, and in no way represents reality as seen by anyone affiliated with this site" :D

max patch
11-04-2004, 19:34
The "problem" with the indymedia sites (theres more than one) is that they "look" like a news site and could fool someone that they are reading "real news" rather than "opinion" or a made up story. Google news picked up the one leg story off of the foreign site, which gives it "credibility" to a casual reader.