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06-16-2010, 20:12
So, my son and I are heading out in the morning to head to the Smokies. We will be hiking for three days. So, today I decided to pack our packs. I took some pics of the process and then decided to make a video of the things that I will be packing.

So, I posted the pics and the video on my blog, and it can be seen here:


I will consider any advice if anyone has any to give (that is sensible.) I will say that I am not trying to go real light weight since I am carrying most everything. My son has his pack with his bag, pad, pillow, rain gear, and maybe a few other little things.


Lone Wolf
06-16-2010, 20:31
i watched the vid. you prolly got too much stuff but you're only goin' for a few days. i say go with what you got and learn from it. all the experts will come on and tell you to add or subtract this or that. i know more than them. have fun with your son :)

06-16-2010, 20:41
I agree with LW. Just don't over do it in the summer heat.

06-16-2010, 20:54
If it were just me by myself, a lot of that would be cut out. And believe it or not, I have already cut a lot out from what I started with! This size pack is much nicer than what I used last September.

I am hoping that the temps won't be too bad once we get going. I read that there has never been a recorded temp higher then 80 on top of LeConte. I know LeConte is a little higher than where we will be, but thats ok. We are going to take our time, and enjoy the scenery.

Thanks for checking out the video too.

Lone Wolf
06-16-2010, 21:00
y'all will do just fine

06-16-2010, 21:08
Have a great time! Don't be tempted to leave your warm clothing at home. A little rain, a little wind, and you'll be very glad you've got a jacket.

06-16-2010, 21:36
Actually for our sleep clothes we have long sleeve synthetic shirts so we can wear those in conjunction with our rain jackets if it gets cool and we need a little more. I don't have a insulating layer packed though.Maybe I should throw in a fleece for him just in case?

Appalachian Tater
06-16-2010, 21:44
Yes, you need a light insulation layer for your son, maybe throw in another long-sleeve synthetic shirt (he can wear them in layers) and a knit cap instead of a fleece. If it gets really cold you can always get in your sleeping bags.

Also make sure you have sunscreen for him and that he stays well-hydrated.

And have fun!

06-16-2010, 22:12
It's always a balance between weight and comfort (and convenience). The only way to find your personal level is to do it and find your own point of balance...

06-17-2010, 06:49
Yeah, I would bring a light fleece for him, and a warm hat. It can be cold at night and first thing in the morning, especially if it rains, and there's wind.

I left my fleece at home a few weekends ago because the forecast called for warm, dry weather. Mistake. At 5500', where we camped our first night, I could have used it. Obviously I survived, but I won't be repeating that mistake again anytime soon.

I took my fleece with me to the Grayson Highlands last weekend, where I used it quite a bit, since it was cool and rainy most of the time. Meanwhile back home, not that far away, it was in the high 90s all weekend.