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11-05-2004, 12:58
what are my chances, this time of year, of getting a ride if i hitchhike back to my car from the AT crossing at route 17 to my car at route 4 in maine? i'm worried it will take ages.

11-05-2004, 13:20
Call The Cabin in East Andover-Honey and Bear can assist you-or perhaps have your car waiting foor you.

11-05-2004, 13:33
When do you plan on hiking this section?

But as rambunny said call The Cabin. They can work something out with you. About 4 years ago when I hiked from the Bigelows to Andover, Bear drove me to Long Dam Falls road in my car and then they drove my car back to his place. So he did not have to charge me since he used my gas. I don't know if he still does that or not. So all I had to do is hike south to South Arm Road. He might do the same thing for you. I can not make any promises. But it will not hurt to try.

Blue Jay
11-05-2004, 13:40
I'd thumb it. Mainers are great people, not scared like us New Yorkers. I've never had three of them go by me. If you have a pack, they'll pick you up. The Cabin is great too, if you want to go that way.

Tim Rich
11-05-2004, 14:28
Call The Cabin in East Andover-Honey and Bear can assist you-or perhaps have your car waiting foor you.

Honey and Bear helped us out on section through there. They're great folks.

Mr. Clean
11-05-2004, 23:21
I'd think most anyone would pick you up, but you could try the cabin.

11-07-2004, 04:42
I've tentatively accepted a job (should start next week) where I will have to work almost every day for 4 - 6 weeks, but then will have 1- 2 weeks off. I intend to use most of my time off to do section hiking of the AT. My biggest problem is logistics, e.g., finding a way to get back to where I parked my vehicle. Is hitching really a practical way to get back, or at least to a town where buses run? I'm obviously still working on the best way to handle this aspect of section hiking.

11-07-2004, 07:11
Hitching is always good to get to town. I've gotten real comfortable with arranging shuttles between sections and my car, usually with a hostel and a chance to shower and change before hitting the road. This can allow you to walk to a less used road without worry about getting a ride.