View Full Version : What can I expect from weather in high sierras in July?...I

06-20-2010, 22:21
will be taking part of the John Muir trail and High Sierra Trail to Whitney...Trying to minimize weight. Anybody taken the trail at that time of year? What to expect with weather/temps? Hope to take only mid weight base, patagonia fleece and shell at night...is that too light for the expected temperature?

06-21-2010, 11:44
weather in July has a lot to do with what kind of winter it was. This year it was more snow than normal, and a slow cold spring so far. Early July means lots of water runoff to deal with and colder than usual nights in the higher elevations. August and especially late August is the preferred time for ultra light gear and most stable weather.

06-21-2010, 13:51
+1 to what HF said. HF gave some sage advice!

Some of what you are planning depends on the wt/kind of shell,weather actually experienced, and where you camp. What you are planning might work out fine, but how much can it hurt to carry an 8 oz down vest also? If you do decide on going with that set-uo I would go in understanding that the shell is also for warmth and wind protection and I would also carry a wool beanie!