View Full Version : hiking from fontana lake and newfound gap 2

06-21-2010, 21:19
okay so now i know we have to camp at designated campsites and there are none on the AT, and we want to pitch tents or hang hammocks. So does anybody have a good route where we can hike on some of the AT, maybe a little on and off and we want to go through clingmans dome. we are taking about 5 days to complete this hike. i have been looking at a map and have ideas, but suggestions would be helpful.

06-21-2010, 21:37
you can take Lakeshore from Fontana all the way around the lake, then come up Forney Creek to Clingman's Dome. From there, it is 7.5 miles out to NFG. This is a pretty nice route. you get to hike along the lake, see an abandoned town, see vintage automobiles, hike along a nice cascading stream, see Clingman's Dome, and do a little of the AT. There are some really nice swimming areas along that route as well.

You may even be able to plan this in such a way that you dont have to stay at Mt Collns Shelter (which is closed for bear activity right now).

If you hae extra time after looking at the plan, you can take a side trip up to Bone Valley, or up to High Rocks, or over to Andrews Bald.

If you are staging a vehicle, I could also suggest that you look at possibly coming back down Fork Ridge or Noland Divide to get you back near Cherokee or Bryson City to save expense of shuttle and time getting back to your vehicle. That would give the option of hiking up Welch Ridge or Hazel Creek trails with a possible night at Silers or Double Springs.

07-02-2010, 00:31
Just hike on the AT and throw your hammocks up once it gets dark and take them down early in tyhe morning. No one will say anything.