View Full Version : What clothing is necessary for the Whites in late July?

06-22-2010, 14:16
I want to take as little as possible, but I don't want to freeze. Suggestions?

06-22-2010, 14:35
Can't go wrong with the Mountain Crossings cold weather "Clothing System" listed in this article (http://www.backpacker.com/november_08_pack_man_/articles/12659?page=4).

06-22-2010, 14:54
long underwear top
long underwear bottom
hardshell rain jacket
rain pants
fleece jacket/ or heavier weight top or insulated jacket/vest (down/syn)
winter hat
socks/underwear/tshirts as needed

that's what i'd bring.
this is also nearly exactly what is said in the above linked article.

06-22-2010, 15:44
I would switch the hat to a lightweight Balaclava - OR makes one that works well, rolls up into the size less than a tennis ball and dries quick

I would add light wieght polypro liner gloves

I wouldnt carry the rain pants, I use nylon zip pants and if it get cold the lightweight poly pros underneath.

I would not bring a down vest, frequently when its cold its wet and wet down is useless. I actuall carry an oversized winter weight poly pro top instead of a fleece, its takes up a bit less room.

In general the key is to be able to cover all you exposed skin.

The AMC huts post forecasts, if there is going to be nasty weather conditions you may need to hole up for a day somewhere. Generally paying guests at the huts will bail at the last minute if the forecast is lousy so there probably will be spare bunks.

Not really clothing but bring a pair of UV rated sunglasses, long stretcehs of above treeline can really cook your eyeballs.