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06-23-2010, 02:10
My son and I met with Pasty White from the Backpacker.com forums last Friday morning for breakfast at the Pancake Pantry and then headed out to the Smokies for 3 days of hiking! I finally got the videos uploaded, but still having some problems getting them put on the page. Anyway, the TR along with a picture slide show and some of the (raw) videos (and links to the ones that will not load onto my blog page) can be seen here:


Bear Cables
06-25-2010, 16:47
As I read the journal of your trip, I got the impression that you guys hiked continously from start til lunch and lunch to shelter. Am I right about that? If that is the case no wonder your son got a bit "grumpy". I would suggest that next time you take a pack break for a few minutes after an hour or so of hiking, for his sake. He looks young to haul for that long without hope of a rest. I base this on years of hiking with Scouts of various ages and maturity levels. After all you want him to love it and just endure it.:-?