View Full Version : Franklin, NC Shuttle Service

06-28-2010, 17:13
Myself & 3 others are planning a Fontana Dam to Franklin, NC hike in September & will need a shuttle one way who do you recommend.

Thanks Mike

06-28-2010, 17:21
Try contacting Dave at 828-349-5203. He drove us up to Deep Gap in late May. I know he goes as far north as NOC, and I wouldn't be surprised if he shuttled to Fontana Dam.

The folks at The Hike Inn (http://www.thehikeinn.com/) have a great reputation and also provide shuttle service and might be a good option at the beginning and/or end of your hike.

Ron Haven
06-30-2010, 21:34
Try contacting Dave at 828-349-5203. He drove us up to Deep Gap in late May.
Dave is a good choice.He shuttles for me. If he is busy I can help you.828-524-4403 at The Budget Inn of Franklin (http://havensbudgetinn.com)

Bad Timing
03-29-2012, 14:32
I'm trying to arrange transportation from Deep Gap Wednesday morning to Wayah Bald and haven't been having any luck. I called the number at Budget Inn of Franklin and the woman there told me they couldn't do it. She gave me a number to a woman who hasn't returned my calls, and when I try calling Dave's number I get a constant fast busy signal. Any other options for shuttle services up there????

Old Boots
03-29-2012, 14:56
I have used the Hike Inn. Jeff and Nancy will shuttle you. They are great folks.

Silver Bear
03-29-2012, 15:53
Jeff and Nancy at The Hike Inn are great. 828-479-3677.

Ron Haven
03-29-2012, 23:55
Call me at Budget Inn and if you don't get someone else, I will personally shuttle you. I am always at Budget Inn at 9 am

03-31-2012, 22:25
I'll shuttle you if you come up empty on other options. My meter starts at running at Hiawassee and continues until I get home. Do a mapquest for the route I will drive, starting and ending in Hiawassee. Work the time in @ $20/hr and you can see the rate.

04-10-2012, 22:26
I just talked to Jude about a trip from Fontana Dam to NOC, she comes out of Bryson City, but gave me a fair rate. 828-488-6399
Kathy out of Franklin is another one 803-899-4438