View Full Version : Looking for a 3-4 day loop hike along the Art Loeb Trail area

07-01-2010, 19:58
Planning a loop hike, probably 3-4 days long, around the Art Loeb area. We have experience hiking with all the necessities. I would prefer a loop hike so we don't have to plan to get picked up at the end of the art loeb trail. Would anyone recommend just doing the trail (art loeb) in it's entirety an can arranging for a ride back? Is there an area at the end of the trail that you can call for a cab or find a ride back? Thanks in advance.

07-02-2010, 08:50
Just hiking the art loeb would probably be your best bet since its 30miles long. Seems like there is a shuttle service somewhere around there if I remember correctly. It may be part of the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp.There are plenty of trails to make your own loop, but I'm not sure that there is enough for a 3 or 4 day loop. You might could try parking at black balsam and making a loop over into the middle prong wilderness, then back to black balsam and doing a loop through shining rock wilderness.

07-02-2010, 10:15
Park at D Boone
Art Loeb IV
(Cold Mountain side trail) spring is really low
over the Narrows - the Nars
continue on AL past Black Balsam
Bridges Camp Gap
Big East Fork
up the Old Butt (no water) to Shining Gap
down little East Fork and back to the car

I don't have my map here, but that is doable in 4. It hits a lot of good spots. The scenery is fantabulous. Water is in most places that you'll need it.

07-02-2010, 10:17
Oops forgot to mention - there is a spring at Deep Gap. When standing at the apple tree near the center of the camp - take a bearing of 160 degrees -- 1500 feet down the side of the mountain there is a beauty of a spring. Its a chore to get down and back up, but if you need wasser, its there.