View Full Version : Tent Selection For Short Film

07-06-2010, 15:22
I'm prepping for a film that will largely incorporate a single 2 - 4 person backpacking tent. Aesthetically, I would love for it to be red. Blood red if possible. It will need to be dome-shaped in order to match the much larger tent we will be filming the interior shots in. The tent I'm looking for will be used for exterior shots only.

Are there any vintage camping gear sites or something that I'm over looking? Originally, I wanted all the gear from the early 80's but most of that actually ends looking a little too worn out. Can rainflys be dyed or painted red? If so, where can those types of places be found? Tent repair shops? I appreciate any help or advice you guys may have.


Wise Old Owl
07-06-2010, 16:47
Dying tents can be done - getting the right color ... not so much.

Red Coleman