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07-13-2010, 10:59
Hey guys!
Thanks for clicking-- I'm in a problem figuring out what pack I want to use for hiking the appalachian trail. I've had an external frame pack (mountainsmith master) that has worked well for me for 6-7 mile hikes and without much of a hitch, only the pack doesn't fit as well as internals I've tried on in store. I'm worried about my external because A) I don't want to take it on busses seeing as it is so prone to injury and 2) internals seem like a good idea

I'm looking at several packs and I was wondering if anyone could give me a ranking on these:
A) Mountainsmith Master External Frame (the one I have-- I have had my 28lbs of equpiment in it this whole winter propped up in the closet-- would that cause any damage to the pack and was it okay to store it this way?)
B) Scheels Outfitter's Kelty Classic 4500 or 5500--
these are extremely cheap and seem to hold a heck of a lot. I have tried this pack on and it fits me well, but I haven't tried it on with weight because Scheels doesn't seem to cater to people as well as REI might.
C) GoLite Odyssey-- this is the pack one of my friends that hiked the ADT used and I have a big interest in it-- could anyone recommend it
D) Golite Quest-- have heard about it in backpack, it was recommended.

Can someone give me a good idea of what to use? I'm starting in Maine, heading south in August. Are internals the way of the future or should I stick with my external, which fits a bit big on me?

Many Walks
07-13-2010, 23:31
The best thing you can do is go through your 28 lbs of gear to be sure it's narrowed down to the exact load you want to carry. Once your gear is decided, head to an outfitter and start loading packs with your gear to see which is the best for you. Maybe you can borrow GoLite or other packs to try for comparison. Be sure to wear your hiking clothes and the shoes you plan to take on the hike and walk with the loaded packs on stairs, hills or whatever conditions you may have to check the fit and comfort of the packs under load. When you do this throw in another 10-12 lbs to simulate the food and water weight. The best pack is the one that feels good when you're wearing it with a load and has a compartment/pocket arrangement that works for you. For general information about various packs you can search the forums on this site. Lot's of varying opinions have been posted on the subject. Good luck and enjoy your hike.

07-20-2010, 12:58
If you are thinking about using either of the Scheels Outfitters packs I would suggest the Kelty 5500. The duration of your trek usually dictates the amount of space that you will be needing in your pack. In this situation I would go for a greater cubic space, a descent brand, and a not so harsh price point. Making the transition from external frame to internal is pretty painless :) Pick what feels right to you and your pocket book.

Matt L.